Nightime Driving

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Tilly2 | 18:45 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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I am really unnerved and upset.

I have just returned from a journey through the countryside to a village eight miles away. I hit the kerb twice, once going and once coming back.

I have never hit the kerb before and wondered if I am now safe to drive in the darkness. There was a lot of oncoming traffic due to the 'rush hour' and I found the journey quite difficult.
Do night-time spectacles help, at all? What has happened to my vision?


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I keep sunglasses and night driving glasses permanently in the car, both equally efficient at what they're designed to do.
Question Author
My eyes are fine, no problems found. I don't even need new spectacles, unless I want to change them.

As many of you said, it's just something to do with the pupils not reacting as quickly as they once did.

I have perfect distance vision and need only to wear my reading glasses.

I am safe to drive! There you go then. :-) are not alone. I love much so that I became an advanced driver just for the heck of it....and driving at night was once as comfortable as daytime driving....but.....

There comes a time, as many of my friends are finding out....your eyes change.
I have tried the orangy coloured night driving specs. They help lots by cutting down the glare but they don't bring things back to the sharpness of daylight driving.
Buy some and give them a try.......but I'm glad you're safe to drive....seeing as we don't live too far apart..... ;-)

Good news Tilly, well done.
That's a relief! Try night specs & see how you go from there.
Question Author
Gness, we could meet mid-morning, in midsummer, and then we could both be home before dark. :-)

Thank you, Baldric.

Patsy, I asked about night driving glasses but she said that with the amount of nighttime driving I do, which is negligible, it wasn't worth paying for prescription glasses. I could look for something suitable, online.
So it's you that goes 'bump' in the night?
Question Author
It is, Shoota. I'll try to avoid getting into trouble though.
Well done Tilly, you've done all the right things and I'm delighted that your eyesight is in order. Drive carefully and I'm sure all will be well.
Glad all was fine with your eye check up Tilly x
thats good news Tilly, I hope it has given you a confidence boost
Question Author
No confidence boost, I'm afraid. I know i'm ok during the day but I will baulk at driving through the countryside at night, from now on.
Well done Tilly. At least you have kerbs in your countryside - there is none where I live and no street lighting either. I have always preferred night driving which I do regularly (even though I am now in my dotage). The main problem living in countryside is avoiding the wild animals and I have done a few emergency stops over the years!
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That's another worry, Choux. Foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, muntjac deer, rabbits... a nightmare.

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Nightime Driving

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