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fruitsalad | 17:13 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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I have been diagnosed, with asthma, and sometimes, when I use my blue inhaler, I go a bit light headed for a short while, does this happen to anyone else?


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Yes. I used to live with a heavy asthmatic. He used to enjoy the sensation and would sometimes try to deliberately achieve it.
Yes on the very rare occasion, I've had Asthma since birth so know all about the different inhallers that have come and gone... those are usually the 'Preventive' ones that I mention.
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It also makes me feel a little bit shaky sometimes

"6. Side effects
Salbutamol is a safe and very effective medicine if you use it properly. It has very few side effects.

Common side effects
More than 1 in 100 people have these side effects after taking 1 or 2 puffs of their inhaler:

feeling shaky
faster heartbeat for a short while (but no chest pain)
muscle cramps
These side effects aren't dangerous and they should gradually improve as your body gets used to salbutamol.

Contact your doctor or pharmacist if these or any other side effects bother you or don't go away."
I can't say I've had the shakes from... (assuming its ventolin) are you taking it correctly. Also not used as the preventer but only when needed.
ventolin is the same as salbutamol

It's just the brand name.

Apparently "feeling shaky " is a common side affect.
I think you are probably getting a very effective dose, which is more than most long term users get, as they tend to have a degree of lung damage. I'm sure the symptoms will lessen as your body adjusts.
I order them on line nowadays but when I have my annual check-up I always call it ventolin. Can't pronounce salbutamol when I had to go and order them in person.
It's silly that you can't buy them over counter.. My friend always use to loose or run out and then have to wait about two weeks for a new inhaler.. This would almost ruin his life!

Buying them online in bulk it apparently the best way but aren't they expensive!
I sometimes have to get them for my boy cat, Frankie, and they are very cheap in comparison to the steroid inhaler.
Indeed I don't order in bulk as I don't require them as much, However Flutiform (supposed to last a month) but don't always take it and feel like a little kid when in the Doc's surgery and asked about it but knowing when its been ordered is a give-away.
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Thank you all, and for the link spat
one should stand when inhaling so that the vent goes to the very bottom of your disgusting infected lungs
and do two separate breaths

and I reckon if you can hold your breath - then you dont really need ventolin

and then sit to avoid falling over. - jesus doing it for the high - what a sad donkey
sad donkey he was indeed. Embarrassing to watch.
piddy you cant buy over the counter
probably linked to the spate of deaths in young people with unmetered / badly metered use in the sixties

I was wondering the other day - blimey what did they do before salbutamol?
ventolin / salbutamol

it is held that ventolin should be the stuff with Ventolin on the side
Salbutamol - then anything - goody-ol, high-ol etc so long as it contains salbutamol which is likely to be much much cheaper
i'd assume the brand named stuff is a lot pricier like nurofen is quadruple the price of ibuprofen
I was wondering the other day - blimey what did they do before salbutamol?UNQUOTE

I'm afraid you did what I did, and had an asthma attack almost every single night, lasting 2-3 hours, during which I had to sit on the edge of the bed leaning forward, in order to breathe.

If I was lucky, I managed to get back to sleep again.
Most mornings I would go to school still wheezing, and that usually lasted until midday.

My doctor did prescribe me a fearsome looking inhaler, with a big black bulb at the bottom, and a glass bit that you poured some liquid medicine into, then squeezed the bulb and breathed in the spray, but it didn't work very well. I still wheezed and had attacks.

Every now and then, I'd be very bad, and need really strong pills like aminophylline,but they couldn't be prescribed long term.

It wasn't a lot of fun, and my life changed dramatically when they invented salbutamol.
A few years ago whilst in city centre a group was gathered around a lad... about fourteen... everyone in a panic which doesn't help... I was merely passing by but happen to have my Ventolin inhaler.... after telling everyone to back away, I gave it to him to take and to try breath within the capacity of which your lungs will allow and try not taking deep breaths... anyway when the ambulance arrived some twenty minutes later he was fine but all hell broke lose with the medical staff having a go at me... and Mother of the child having a go at them. 'don't you dare have a go at him, where the *** f have you being etc...' quite funny on reflection.
Further to that btw... I'd passed the inhaler to his Mum asking if that's what he needs, who in turn handed it to him.

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