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GlitteryWings | 22:54 Tue 01st Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone managed to move on from a cheating spouse?

Ive recently been breaved within the past month (very close) and then found out my partner has had sex once with someonelse.......... in our home.

Im grieving BOTH situations, not sure if I am numb , id like to try to move on, currently feel as if I can.... this may change when I am thinking straight.


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Everyone is different.

If you want personal opinions....I couldn't live with it, especially if it was in my home. I really value loyalty and trust and couldn't live with the insecurity.

I'm very sorry for you but if you think you can forgive then try to before making decisions when you're emotional.

Good luck xx
Can I ask how you found out?
If your partner is truly contrite and sorry, and if you can accept the soul bearing, then you have the power to forgive and move on.
It depends on how happy your relationship was before this happened.
Are you prepared to give up your relationship, or try and let time and contrition be the great healer.
Only you can know this, and I am sorry for your pain.
It could be the end of your relationship, or it could be the glue that binds you together forever.
You give forgiveness, in return you get a loyalty that is strong.
Sorry I cannot give wiser words.
Hope either way it works out for you after the pain.
How did you find out, can the source be believed?
I am sorry for your losses.
I could not forgive such a massive breach of trust.
I would prefer to move on without them xx
My ex-partner cheated all the time. I put up with it because I wanted my son to grow up with two parents and I was scared of managing on my own. It was horrible.
I'm no longer with him. It was tough for a while on my own, but I'm so glad I don't have to put up with the insecurity and all the other awful things that go along with being cheated on continually.

However, if your partner cheated just the once and is contrite it is possible to get over it. Depends how much you value the relationship and trust him/her. did you cope?

My daughters dad cheated on me and that was the end of the relationship. He still played a massive part in her life.
I don't know, ummmm. I certainly wouldn't now. I was at a low ebb with PND and no money so I just put up with it through tears and screaming at him. Not recommended.
No....what a horrible time.

I was 20 when my ex cheated on me so I had youth and ignorance on my side. I didn't think about what might lay ahead. It turned out fine though.
life is too short to be miserable , you will never trust again, do you really want to continue life with suspicion and resentment eating at your soul ? draw a line..move on and find happiness with someone that will reciprocate...
If it was only that easy, MM. When I split with my ex we had a successful business, a house, 3 kids. Moving on needs planning.
will never be easy....I walked out on a very very lucrative situation with what I had on ..and a leg of started again...was awful at the time and for a while later..but I was free from a very controlling marriage that was slowly killing my soul.. I put up with such a lot for the sake of appearances and reputation only to discover that most close friends knew what I was going through and had been wanting to help but were a bit scared to...ex was very influential in a lot of high social circles and could have made their lives as miserable as mine was at the time.... but after a while I learned to live again !!!
I read this as the partner having died. Am I wrong?
That's what I thought, Tilly.
You are correct Tilly.
Thank you both. :-)
No...I think it's probably another bereavement and she's found out her spouse has cheated so she's having to deal with both in a short space of time.
Perhaps Glittery Wings could clarify?
I read it as a close bereavement..but not partner

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