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RainbowRafiki | 04:56 Mon 26th Nov 2018 | Body & Soul
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A girl I know keeps coming to school every day looking worse and worse. She's lost a couple of pounds even though she doesn't need to. Cuts keep appearing on her wrists and she has dark bags under her eyes. One of them is even bruised! When I see her with her family, she's got her head down and walking behind them. They don't seem to notice. I know that she's not anorexic, because she even commented on how she didn't need to loose weight. I know that her family doesn't have that much money and she has to live with her grandma and alcoholic grandpa every other weekend, but she has no where else to go. I'm worried she's becoming depressed because on top of all that, she has to come to school every day just to get beaten up. She told her dad and councillor everything that's happened and they didn't seem to care. She also comes to school smelling like weed, yet she can't be around that stuff without choking.


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Time to involve social services and the police.
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Why the police?
There's obviously a lot of violence. The poor girl is have a rough time and she obviously needs a lot of help, that from Social Services and the police to deal with the perpetrators.
You never could spell ‘lose’ zzzzzzz
If you are in the UK then Childline may well be a good place to start. You could talk to the pastoral care team in your school...but be very aware that she may not want outside people involved in her business. If you are a particular friend of hers you could ask her what is going on and equally if she has a particular friend you could voice your concerns to that friend so that the friend could chat with her. If she 'has to come to school just to be beaten up' then she is being beaten at school and that MUST be reported to the staff...she may well need support to tell someone else what is happening to her. Once reported if you aren't her friend then back away...she may well be very embarassed if times are hard financially in her family
Rainbow has previously told me she's not in the UK but dont know where.
Tell a sympathetic teacher, pick your teacher and go with one who you know will care and be bothered, not necessarily the one whose actual job it is to care and be bothered. Tell them everything, especially address who and how she gets beaten at school every day, that might be the be all and end all of it, there might be nothing else amiss, so hep her to get that sorted and then hopefully the teacher will be on side to investigate anything else further and take appropriate action. x
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U.S. Thanks for the advice and lesson on bow to spell lose.
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have you seen 'fear your nieghbour'?
go around theirs with a machine gun .....

inform someone at the school - insist they record your report in some way

and that is .... really all you can do ....
except go round with a machine gun ....

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