Should She Throw Her Eyemakeup Away ?

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Samuraisan | 17:58 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | Body & Soul
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My daughter has some "Papilloma" ( hope that's right) tiny warts on her eylids. She went to the eye dr. today and he is going to remove them, no problem. But we wonder if she should chuck out her ( pricey) eyemakeup. Do you think the virus lives long on an eye shadow stick ?


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Yes. Warts can be passed from skin to skin contact. If the eye makeup has been in contact, then it may be able to pass them on / bring them back.
Also some eye makeup should be replaced every 3 months! Also when was the last time she cleaned her brushes?
Yes, and the brushes.
Yes, definitely. If not, she will just get the infection back when she starts to use the products and brushes again
Good excuse to treat herself...
Eyelid papillomas are not caused by viruses, the cause is unknown
She could throw her expensive make-up away if she preferred,but i wouldn't ( if i used eye make up, which i don't:-)
clean the brushes with eye make up remover and then rinse in Milton fluid
//if i used eye make up, which i don't//
he doth protest too much, methinks
ael.......LOL.....well only at the weekend ;-)
You'd look HOT with a bit of guyliner Sqadi x
My first husband used mascara as his lashes were very fair. And we know how that ended up.....

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Should She Throw Her Eyemakeup Away ?

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