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jourdain2 | 22:24 Sun 28th Oct 2018 | Body & Soul
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Life has burst apart, courtesy of Son-in-Law, who was discovered, in July, to be sleeping with Ladies of Easy Virtue. 2 children - boy (9) and girl (7). On its own this is bad enough - and some of you will have seen my earlier post about grandson being admitted to psychiatric unit after attacking his mum.
Going from bad to worse. Divorce now likely to be bitterly fought out in the courts and all my savings for my old age will have to go to pay for it. No-one could look after the kids on Friday - he was away, she had to work. I abandoned Mr J2 Thurs. and baby sat. Taught boy his 12x table and girl to sight read music (middle to upper C - she's very musical).
Sat. a.m. Daughter obsessively doing maths GCSE papers (needs to train as a teacher). Screams emanate from playroom where granddaughter was practising the tunes I'd taught. I went to find grandson kicking hells bells out of little girl (curled up defensively on the floor)and shouting 'I'll kill you'.
Needless to say, I took prompt action. He fled to his bedroom. I pinned him down in there - stripped his stickers from his door and left him there for a few hours for parents to deal with.

Daughter is seeking excuses (!) in that boy has been bullied at school. I'm treading a fine line here and frightened to death for my gentle, musical granddaughter. I don't expect anyone can solve this, but any comments will be helpful. Grandson is now thoroughly scared of me if that helps. It's horrible.


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Glad you came back as I have been thinking abour all of you
Very disappointed in some people.

I'm not surprised, jourdain. Best of luck on Friday.
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Thanks, bedknobs. I'm really very upset about all these people thinking I bash kids about. I just use my voice (very effective) and I care about children growing up well. I have been thinking about just going t.b.h., am very near that after all this. Thank you again.
I believe abers were only responding to what you described J.
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Thanks tonyAV. :) Bit awkward as Friday is my swimming day (to try to keep my spine in shape) and because I had to cover last week as well I will have missed 2 weeks :(.
Could you not change your swimming day, jourdain.
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Bit tricky, tony, local schools have the pool booked most other days and I need time to try to swim 1/2 a mile (taken me ages to work up to that!).
Ah I see, half term in my neck of the woods this week.
Half a mile is a good distance to swim.

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