Dry Patch Inside Lip

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crisgal | 16:57 Thu 04th Oct 2018 | Body & Soul
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The inside of my top lip feels over dry and I can't stop trying to moisten it with my tongue. It's driving me mad. When I run my tongue over it it feels kinda ridged slightly (Very hard to describe).
My partner has it too in inside corners of his top lip.
I've googled but only get 'Dry mouth articles, with reduction in saliva. I have saliva!
I don't want to put something on it that makes it worse but it us a bit uncomfortable and I know I'm not helping by messing with my tongue.


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You and your partner have it which seems to suggest that it is an infection.
if it is painful or as you say "uncomfortable" then that would suggest that it is Herpes Simplex (cold sore).
Aciclovar ointment would seem to be a good start.

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Dry Patch Inside Lip

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