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Jordyboy9 | 08:40 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | Body & Soul
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Hope things go well for you and we know what you are going through .
Had to do another post as I don’t do gmeb,
Good luck to you from us both.XX


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Hope all went well too Emmie x
Hope you get some good news Emmie.
thanks to you both, i had my second scan today, not painful at least, now i have to wait at least a week maybe more before i know something. The only major problem i had was convincing them i needed patient transport. spent very fraught day wednesday getting them to change their minds. They did but if i have to go to this particular hospital again i might not be so lucky.

What's wrong emmie, hope you are ok .....
Sorry we crossed.
to be brief i am going to the loo a lot and they can't find an explanation so i had a colonoscopy and they found polyps, which were taken out, then i have had two X ray scans to see whether there are any cancerous cells.
so far that's taken 5 months or so.
Hope you're okay Emmie x
Five months is a long time, I bet you're fed up with it all. Fingers crossed for you emmie ...
thanks all, its been quite a long wait, and i have to wait now to see the gastroenterology people.
Hopefully nothing too untoward Emmie.x
Hope all goes well for you Emmie. x

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