Not A Question, Just A Maudlin Half Hour And I Need An Outlet.

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Postdog | 00:55 Mon 13th Aug 2018 | Body & Soul
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Those of you who know me of old, know I have a benign brain tumour I have lived with for years. Just makes me very weak and dizzy - screws my life up, but liveable with.

For the last few months, I have also been diagnosed with cancer of the oeseophagus, and nothing seems to be going right there either. Some weeks ago I had a feeding tube put in, but it kept falling out. Five trips to casualty, and eventually they took it out completely.

Annoyed anyway, but the whole purpose of the tube was to help gain lost weight before chemo and an operation, and to do so before the cancer advanced any further. I simply have to regain that weight before treatment can even begin.

Forward a few weeks, and they decide to fit a stent in my oeseophagus. Basically, it creates an artificial widening, allowing food to pass the cancer into my stomach. The operation went well, and for two days, I was over the moon at the prospect of finally being able put weight on.

Except the last two days have seen me in agony. Tight chest pains, stomach cramps, and worse, no desire to eat anyway. When I do, it causes more pain.

So bloody fed up!


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Post dog so sorry to hear about your situation. I have no solution for your problem, just wanted to offer my support. Wishing you all the best for the future.
On pd , I'm so sorry to read of your circumstances. How awful and frustrated you must feel.what do you think will be the next step ? I can offer you some prayers / and very best wishes. Please seek medical care when/if everything gets too painful or you are unable to cope .
my OH has recently been through something similar, though the stent was further down - it worked but had to come out after three weeks, it could only be temporary for fear it would wander off into the bowel and cause havoc. Ended up having an op involving major internal rearrangement, which seems to be working - but has hardly gained an ounce in the last 6 months (having lost about 2 stone). Goodness knows when the chemo will start, it's had to be put off.

"Fed up" probably isn't the appropriate phrase! But I know where you're coming from. Please accept my sympathy.
Oh my, you are in a vicious cycle Postdog, have they any idea what to do next?
Best wishes to Jno's other half too.
thank you, Mamyalynne.

The chemo's for six months so we're looking well into next year, and I suppose you are too, Postdog. OH's problems started late last year so we're looking at two consecutive miserable winters.
Much love to all of you facing such life impacting things, I wish there was something I could do, but my very best wishes and I hope they get something sorted out quickly for you xxx
My sister in law had stage 4 (or was it 3, I can’t remember) cancer of the oesophagus and they removed the cancerous part and moved part of her stomach up to take its place.

She is fighting fit now (goes Kayaking and mountaineering) so I hope they are as successful for you as they have been for her.
Sending gentle hugs to you Postdog and wishing you a pain-free day, and some sleep if thats been troublesome too. I hope you'll be able to manage something to eat later. If you try a little something make it your very favourite flavour. So if thats soft strawberry ice cream so be it, or cheesy mash, up to you. take care.

My sympathy. Hope they sort out a fix soonest.
Just like to add my own best wishes Postdog and sincerely hope you get well soon. And the same to jno's OH.
hoping things improve soon xx
Is peg-feeding suitable? Wishing you all the best xx
I hope pd felt a little bit better after posting last night, poor thing what a horrendous time he is having. Jno very best wishes to OH for continuing successful treatment .
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Ta for all the comments. Like I said, a maudlin half hour - always seems to happen late Sundays. Pixie, a feeding tube is like a peg. For some reason it wouldn't stay in.

Feeling slightly better today.
Good news pd. A wee talk does no one any harm, take care ,Anne .

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Not A Question, Just A Maudlin Half Hour And I Need An Outlet.

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