How Important Is Is Sex?

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Scarlett | 11:01 Fri 10th Aug 2018 | Body & Soul
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If your other half / boyfriend / girlfriend / husband /wife became unable to have sex ever again, would you stay with them? If so, how difficult would it be for you?


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Not a fan of biters then Spath? ;-)
No, he's got a false teeth fetish........;)
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no coz he's gone but woe betide those who dont tip me ;)
Sqad I said I'd never mention your age but you're in your effing 80's and your first question on here was about penile dysfunction. Stop acting like a Lothario!!
"Seeing all the sanctimonious and holier than thou posts from our female friends it would be interesting to know what percentage of husbands have or had been faithful to their wives.
25% would be a good guess from my point of view and experience of "male behavior."

You know what Sqad? I don't care. I know that my man was and that's all that matters to me.
Very true woof. It's our relationship that's paramount.
ummmm....not only do you bore me, but you confuse me.

Where have i mentioned penile dysfunction (whatever that is)

If OPers only want one side of a discussion, then they should say so.

woofy,,,that is fine....nobody is arguing.
But there happens to be other opinions which also exist.
My first husband stopped doing his duty not long into the marriage, I had affairs, discrete, no strings with plenty of scope for deniability.
My next partner I remained in a relationship with no sex after the first 18 months or so. We were together 19 years.
Due to botched surgery and other problems Dave and I couldn't. It affected him really badly and it was hard for him to believe he was still my man, and as his health deteriorated even mucky cuddles were less frequent then stopped altogether as it was increasingly uncomfortable. Never once did I think of straying, even DIY would have felt like a betrayal. I really believe it depends on the person you are with I didn't love my first husband I liked him a lot but in the end I had the wrong equipment so I wasnt giving away something he wanted anyway
More important when I was younger, not important at all now !
When you joined AB, Sqad. In your other name (617) You asked about penile injections.

I have a memory!!

Your sex stories are bull....fantasy.
rowanwitch describes a situation which is more complex that most Aber.s appreciate. There are multifactorial elements to consider rather than the a) that's right b) that's wrong which seems to dominate this thread.
Any opinion which seems to swim against the tide is immediately ridiculed in the typical AB way. have gone back 10 years to "rake " that up.

Fine........if that is what you think of my "stories"it doesn't bother me one iota.......I shan't lose any sleep.
honestly I don't see any "right or wrong" comments on here.
i used to be a shallow, feral, rutting trollop who thought only with her lady garden (love that description) ....and how much fun i had....
i'm older and celibate now, mainly because i can't be bothered with the effort a relationship requires and I'm not up for one night stands anymore. anyone else thinking about wrinkly button mushrooms or is it just me.....
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ummmm....LOL....LOL.....a thread from 2006...LOL.....when i was 72 years of age on a subject on erectile dysfunction which effects millions of men in their 60's 70's and 80's.

If that is what gives you pleasure and dominates your life and your obsession with me on a personal basis, then o would seek some help.

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