How Important Is Is Sex?

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Scarlett | 12:01 Fri 10th Aug 2018 | Body & Soul
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If your other half / boyfriend / girlfriend / husband /wife became unable to have sex ever again, would you stay with them? If so, how difficult would it be for you?


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People can just simply be happy with each other.
20 years old, sexless relationship, won't work sorry .
Hmmm that's another interesting question, if I couldn't have sex would I be okay with him going elsewhere for it? Actually yes I would as long as we maintained a loving relationship as well and the other person was random rather than a mistress, but for the most part I'm not a very jealous person anyway x
Mr BM informed me ages ago that if he ever became incapable he wouldnt have a problem with me taking a lover. And then said he would watch............

But yes, I'd stay.

Well we took vows - in sickness and in health!
Mr BM has a Cuckold fantasy does he. Kinky.
Was that aimed at me Anne???
In reality, he doesnt Zacs. But he does have a filthy sense of humour.
ZM....MrBM.........nothing to do with Cuckold it is called Voyeurism and is more popular than you might imagine.
Cuckolding is a variation on voyeurism Sqad.
Seeing all the sanctimonious and holier than thou posts from our female friends it would be interesting to know what percentage of husbands have or had been faithful to their wives.
25% would be a good guess from my point of view and experience of "male behavior."
Not " aimed " as such in a negative way. Kva. I believe at 20 years old a sexless long term relationship would be very rare .
25% really - I would say highter - believe it or not some men actually respect their wives.
Rockrose........I value your opinion and respect you clear knowledge and experience of male extramarital relationships.
ooooooo......snippy self-justification appears to be creeping into the thread.
You have made your views about marital fidelity known numerous times, sqad.

Scarlett is asking a different question entirely.
With the greatest respect Anne, I'm not some shallow, feral, rutting trollop who thinks only with her lady garden.
I love my partner to distraction and if he were unable then I would still love him and still stay with him regardless of what other people might think. I think we have something special and unique between us and that's more important, otherwise we could all just jump on any member of the public and feel perfectly happy and I'm sure you agree that's not the case for anyone. Also as said before a mans inability to have sex most certainly does not mean you can't both have sexual pleasure by and large, and even if not, imagine a truly horrific scenario of someone being paralysed form the neck down, on what planet would it ever be right to leave him solely because of that? How could you ever hope to formulate a meaningful relationship with anyone else, and why would anyone want you to?
I know you were making a serious point, Kval but "I'm not some shallow, feral, rutting trollop who thinks only with her lady garden" made me laugh out loud.

"Scarlett is asking a different question entirely."


" If so, how difficult would it be for you?" that was the OPer's final remark. Seems to me that extra-marital sex is quite appropriate and had been brought up by other posters.
There's always the possibility that what you see as sanctimonious and holier than thou replies Sqad is actually how life played out.
//I'm not some shallow, feral, rutting trollop who thinks only with her lady garden. //
Funniest thing I have read in ages, and also made me slightly worried as now I realised why hubby sniggered everytime i mentioned that I must get the gardner in to trim the ladygarden!

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