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bainbrig | 16:09 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | Body & Soul
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My partner had a cataract done a couple of years ago. Initially, excellent results. 6/6 vision.

A few months ago, she noticed a deterioration - a bit blurred, less than 6/6, and so on.

Optician said that the new lens could 'have moved', or the envelope itself could be blurry, and that she wouldn't prescribe new glasses until the doctors had looked at the eye.

So to Moorfields. Who said, 'no, it's all fine, nothing wrong with the new lens, might have a bit of inflammation, here's some eye drops'.

My question is: has anyone here suffered from a post-cataract deterioration of a similar nature?

I've advised her to see a consultant, privately, for a second opinion. Other options?




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I am not a medic Having said that, my partner is developing cataracts. We went to see Mr Maurino - head of catarct services at Moorfields. This is one of the pieces of information supplied It appears that in a small number of patients, at 6...
19:12 Thu 09th Aug 2018
I wouldn't really say deterioration but I had both eyes done about 5 years ago and I do think my vision has changed a little since then. It sounds possible that others' might do the same, or more so.
After 5 years I need glasses for reading but my long site is excellent
site - you mean sight Jordy.

Anyway Bainb - it's like everything as the years go on the sight naturally deteriorates so maybe this is the problem.
eek - an opinion from Moorfields and you have gone private....
oh well
I wd clutch the Moorfields opinion and get the refraction done
simples and cheap(er)

The eye drops are ? steroids.- that is usual for non infected inflammation - no no dont quote me -

I dont think your partner has a problem
You have a problem accepting a diagnosis from a world leading hospital.
Question Author
a) what’s refraction?

b) having been a patient at Moorfield’s for nearly two decades, my opinion of their clinics is valid - some are so over-stretched that consultations are too brief and sometimes (particularly with old people) dismissive.

When I say or write something, it is always based on thought and consideration.

Same for you, is it?
I am not a medic

Having said that, my partner is developing cataracts. We went to see Mr Maurino - head of catarct services at Moorfields.

This is one of the pieces of information supplied

It appears that in a small number of patients, at 6 months to 2 years after cataract surgery, there is a clouding of the capsule that surrounds the lens.

Treatment is a 2-minute YAG laser treatment.

I have no idea if this is the issue in yur case, but it is one possibility.
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IJKLM - now that’s what I call a helpful answer, many thanks.

I needed the follow up laser treatment to clear up posterior capsule opacification about a year after having my cataract op - in my case (as I believe is the norm for PCO) the symptoms were similar to the cataract itself, with my vision in that eye becoming noticeably cloudier as the PCO developed.

I wouldn't have described it as blurriness in the same way my vision is blurred when I take my glasses off, but I guess the cloudiness could be described as a blurriness of sorts.

In any case, PCO isn't an uncommon thing following cataract surgery, and the treatment is quick and simple (eye drops in to dilate the pupil, lie back, look at the little dot, flash flash flash for a couple of minutes, and job done), so if this is what your OH has then it's nothing to be worried about.

That said, as someone who's also spent time being treated by the Moorfields team at the main City Road site, whilst I know what you mean about them sometimes being a bit short on time to discuss things in as much depth or clarity as you might like, their reputation for being a world class opthalmic hospital is well earned, so I'd have been less inclined to think there was any need for a second opinion. I'd certainly at least be giving the drops a fair chance to see if they do clear up the problem before assuming it's something else. And if it does turn out to be PCO, then delaying treatment will just mean the cloudiness develops a bit further and becomes more of an inconvenience, but there's no risk in leaving it, and the treatment is the same regardless of how developed it is.
Same for you, is it? - yes it is actually

I was 17th out of 550 in the Facuilty of Ophthalmologists undergrad prise ( Duke Elder ) in 1976
now worth £400 but I thought more.

How did you do? Oh, didnt take it I suppose ....
Question Author
Thanks twister, very useful - and reassuring.

(Peter. Stop being so combative. My question was genuine, and I have been grateful to receive sympathetic answers).

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Eye After Cataract

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