Relationship Advice, What To Do?

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helpmeplz2ha | 01:42 Fri 13th Jul 2018 | Body & Soul
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Relationship advice, what to do?
Gf and I broke up because she needs to focus on her job and whatnot, but she got fired and is depressed. She says she needs to be alone for a while without any distraction (me) so she can get her stuff together. *OK I get it, but she said there's nothing in this town for her so she's thinking of moving out of state to start over.* She said she loves me and hopes we can be together once she gets her stuff together. She said she'd most likely call me up because she's really in love with me and wants to try again, but she thinks I'd find someone else. I said I wouldn't be looking for anyone and she said the same because she doesn't have time for any dating, if she did then she'd be with me she said. *So she also said if she were to get her job back then we'd get back together. I'm going to go to her ex job and talk to the manager. This isn't just any kind of store, it's like a local store, family owned. A few employees.* So I'm thinking of leaving her alone instead of being persistent with trying to get back with her and work things out.


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Why was she fired?
Suggest you seek advice from a US site.
If I were you I would move on....she seems to me to be using you as a back up plan. I would not advise you to go to her employers...which she seems to be almost emotionally blackmailing you into doing 'if she were to get her job back you could get back together' ... and she had , essentially dumped you. Time to look for someone else....or take a break from relationships and have a good time with your friends. Seriously...move on...
This is going nowhere, if she wants to be with you it wouldn't matter what else is going on in her life.
ditto.. do nowt..draw a line ...move on
What sort of job did she have that she needs to focus on that, that is also a family run store? Although not privy to what type of shop it is it doesn’t seem to be one that needs a great deal of concentration??

However I do agree with others.

She appears to be using you as a back up plan. Otherwise how can she in one breath say her job is more important but in the next if she gets it back you can be together. It doesn’t add up.

Move on
Give her time to get her head in order. If she moves to another state she must realise that to be together she either has to move back, or expect you to meekly follow her. So maybe she'll end up either rethinking the plan, or deciding she has to move on. Personally I'd scrap the, begging for her job back, idea. She needs to discuss her dismissal with her ex-employer for herself if she wishes to and feels up to it.
leave her alone - that is what she wants isnt it ?
" She said she loves me and hopes we can be together once she gets her stuff together."

Yeah! yeah! yeah!........they all say that.
Let her go and get cracking on meeting someone else.
Keep your dignity and forget her. She doesn't want you mate.
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Yes fraid the above is correct. If she really loved you and you were her best friend, she would want to keep seeing you. She would have to keep seeing you, cos you would be the best thing in her life!! It sounds like she is having to make room for you, and whilst she is a bit depressed and having to free up headspace to make her next move, she needs time alone to work out what she wants- and that includes you. Sorry, but if she loved you, she wouldn't even consider that. Let her be on her own as she has requested, and don't bother her with texts etc. She needs space- give it to her. But don't hold your breath re. getting back together.
I'm agree with MallyJ...realy move on

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Relationship Advice, What To Do?

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