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jourdain2 | 17:36 Sat 07th Jul 2018 | Body & Soul
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Re: child with high cortisol levels. Eventually it seems the incidents are stress/behavioural issues. He has been being badly bullied at school and has been trying to be like the (older) group of boys. Great role models he picked!

Things have calmed down a lot now and these boys will be moving on to Secondary in a couple of weeks, so he's not so phobic about going to school. Long way to go (he's left cubs because Arkela's daughter was also picking on him - he has reddish-blond hair) and he's going to have to learn to cope with these types. So the cortisol was the result of stress and not the cause of the episode. Thanks for your help. :)


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Thanks for the feedback was expected.
Glad you have some answers Jourdain but it's totally unacceptable that the child of an Akela is bullying and if you are sure you should say something.
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Prudie - his mum has said something, but Akela is (obviously) on her daughter's side and all she saw was grandson kicking off and hitting her (again, older) girl :(
Jourdain, thanks for the update. I enjoy the feedback as much as Sqad - in that it helps us to learn and gives us more to consider if this scenario were to occur to someone else, later on.

I wouldn't necessarily agree that Cortisol was a by-product of his stress. I would be more inclined to think that Cortisol was present in addition to the trauma he was presented with and therefore it was multi-factorial. Of course his stress and trauma could have exacerbated his cortisol production and vice versa ... ie, a self-perpetuating problem.

I do note a huge sense of relief in your post, but I urge you to proceed with caution. Sticking a label on something and treating it as per protocol does not always resolve the problem.

Please keep us updated x
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NoM Of course I will. He's coming over tomorrow. He's a difficult little boy at the best of times. He witnessed, aged 3, his little sister as a baby being saved and whipped-off by paramedics - she was born, it transpired, with a double aortic arch. Brilliant surgeon at Leeds CHU mended it after she had turned blue and effectively 'died' a couple of times. ( Upsetting to all - especially little boy.) Sort of complex - yes, I'm relieved that we now know what we are dealing with. :)

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