Unusual Diagnosis- Spinchter Of Oddi Dysfunction

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gordiescotland1 | 10:10 Wed 20th Jun 2018 | Body & Soul
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I have been having pancreatic pain and gallbladder pain over the last few days and I went to see GP who told me that my consultant who I had seen 2 years ago when a benign growth was discovered by chance in the tail of my pancreas, he discharged me. When I went to see GP she told me that he had written that as I was not experiencing symptoms at the time if they reoccured it was very likely i had a condition called dysfunction of the spinchter of oddi and it would be worth being rescanned. Apparenty they can widen the spinchter by ERCP. Which I prefer to going to sleep.Anyone heard of this?


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Yes.....I have .
Yes, easy enough using a long endoscope and tiny balloon dilators. Watched it done a few times in my student days. Have it done in the morning and home by teatime.
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Thats brilliant thanks very much. I prefer the sedation. The thought of general anasthesia terrifies the life out of me

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Unusual Diagnosis- Spinchter Of Oddi Dysfunction

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