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Denisec4502 | 06:11 Mon 28th May 2018 | Body & Soul
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Been on Premarin HRT for 2 weeks Estrogen only. Read "unlikely to have a monthly period" unless taking Progesterone too. Doc did not prescribe Progesterone as well.. a bit worried?


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Surely you are having HRT in the post-menopausal setting? Why would you either want or expect to have a period, or am I reading this wrong?

Progesterone has specific functions, such as protecting an embryo / foetus during early pregnancy. I would imagine your GP has not prescribed it as it has no role to play.
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Prescribed due to Peri Menopause flushes etc but still have erratic periods..
Ah right. Norethisterone is a synthetic version of Progesterone and has been prescribed for hot flushes.

Some people find herbal supplements useful too, such as red clover or black cohosh.
Have you had a hysterectomy? If so, then you don't need a progesterone with HRT.
If you haven't had your uterus removed then it would be beneficial if a progesterone is given.
I assume you HRT has been prescribed for menopausal symptoms?
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Tried everything herbal nothing helped. Hot flushes stopped on day 2 of taking Premarin 0.625. Just a bit concerned about no monthly bleed expected unless prescribed Progesterone as well..
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No hysterectomy a sad...still have erratic periods
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Meant sqad not so sad !
Sorry..we cross haven,t had a hysterectomy, then a progesterone should have been prescribed.
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I am thinking of stopping it actually..side effects of upset stomach morning sickness feeling all day and extremely dry mouth.. do I have to gradually stop them?
No. Just stop them straight away.
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Ok will do. Thanks for your advice.
I am not going to post a link as its very upsetting but I wouldn’t take premarin because of how it is produced.
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I know do with horses :-((
There are some good but expensive synthetics I used one on ethical grounds, some come as a double pack with both oestrogen and progesterone in.

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Premarin Hrt

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