The Lancet - Does Anyone Have Access

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wolf63 | 18:00 Wed 16th May 2018 | Body & Soul
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There is an article that I am very interested in reading. But I am too tight-fisted to pay for it.

• "Association of disrupted circadian rhythmicity with mood disorders, subjective wellbeing, and cognitive function"

I have sleep cycle problems, cognitive dysfunction (resulting in early retirement on health grounds) and Manic Depression. I want to read the article and see if they have worked out what to do with their findings.

A copy of it would be great. It would be more than great actually. :-)


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Sorry.....never took the Lancet....only the BMJ.
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Sqad - is the Lancet one that many medics will subscribe to? I suppose that the info will be available elsewhere but all the newspapers are known to put a spin on their stories. They could blame it all on the Muslims.

I might see what the Bipolar Scotland folk say.

Thanks anyway. I am currently starving a cat so he can have an operation on his teeth tomorrow. I am not sure if we will both survive the night. :-)

Try your local library under the 'Access to Research' scheme
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Thanks for that - the library is situated at the end of my street.
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IJKLM - alas our library has not joined up. I will investigate further. Thanks.
oh I got a free sub ( erm twenty y ago) as I reviewed a paper.
Read the article findings
and dont bother

They use a wrist based accelerometer for however long
and then relate the jigger index to sex - diet - handedness married status and the rest

and print the results
and find there is a correlation with depression - bipolar and mood instability

( kinda obvious really - if you're excited you jigger alot)

and the discussion will be only about this

( rules for technical journals - if you only measure jiggering and depression then those are the only things you can discuss in the discussion section. You cant drag in Dickens novels - the ten plagues - your mums scone recipe and so on)

and so speculation about what to do about it
( besides lots of lovely moolah to do more of the same)
should not feature

sorry - - - Lancet articles are not THAT interesting

I still subscribe to the new england journal
I would imaging that a general overview would tell you most of what you need to know
yes PP Causation does not imply correlation.

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The Lancet - Does Anyone Have Access

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