Cataract Operations

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ro2124 | 17:02 Fri 11th May 2018 | Body & Soul
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Having recently been diagnosed with cataracts which need operation really I'm not overly keen on having a scalpel slicing into my eyeballs.
Must be horrible experience, also the natural thing is to blink or flinch which probably wouldn't be a good idea if you have scalpel slicing away,so how do they get around that?
I know they use a local anaesthetic or in some cases put people out completely.
Well must be one of the most common operations there is in the world so I guess it's fairly safe.
Perhaps someone who's had this procedure done could enlighten one further to say what it's really like.


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I've had both eyes done and I had no problems whatsoever during the ops.
The surgeons used local anaesthesia on my eyes and it was over in less than fifteen minutes.
I believe it is the most successful operation done by the NHS.
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I am in the same boat as you. Recently diagnosed with cataracts in the right eye but am very reluctant to have an operation. Apparently they use laser rather than scalpels nowadays. I shall have to investigate further and see if I can pluck up the courage.
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My elderly neighbour had both of them done - I put the eye drops in her eyes every day. She said it was fine.
Seriously, no sweat. Sounds scary, but totally worth being done.
They use a clip to keep the eye open so you can’t blink.
My MIL had both eyes done. One was perfectly ok, but her left eye left her in agony so much she had to have it done again. I don't quite know what the problem was but it was swollen, weeping and great pain. She is ok now.
I wonder if others who have answered can confirm ......MrG had his cataracts done and had no problems at all... but not only that he was so much happier with his vision afterwards...
He hadn't realised just how differently he was seeing things, not only sharper but in true colours...he was so glad he'd had it done....
Did others find it changed how they saw colour and that their wife was right about the paint in the bedroom?..... ;-)
Get it done! I have had both eyes done. It is relatively painless, just do as you are bidden by the medical advisers and enjoy sight again. I now only need reading glasses and I can see for miles and miles. I confess that I was as reticent as you at the prospect,. Non of us can bear the thought of someone "messing" with our eyes. The joy the next day when I took the protective dressing off (after the first one) was immense. You will see colour and detail at middle distance that you had forgotten was there.
Gness, I agree,
I did not realise how white the snow was until I had my first cataract operation.
Or how white the fridge and washing machine was.
And I discovered my favourite fleece top was coloured green, not grey!
I am glad I had the ops, and they were an absolute breeze to have done.
two relations had it
no probs
life changing
My wife worked in eye surgery for years. I can assure you problems are vary rare. Wife just confirmed, that she didn’t see many problems at all.
Just had my left eye done about 4 weeks ago. Absolutely no pain, local anaesthesia and eyedrops for 3 weeks. Only slight discomfort for about three days.

Having to wear glasses to drive for past twenty years, now no longer need them at all other than for reading small print. Assessed as perfect vision in the post op review.

Right eye to be done on Monday. Wish me luck ☺☺☺
Thanks,Togo and Pete.....I haven't experienced the difference other than through MrG and what he told me afterwards.....the difference was amazing for yes, have it done....

Good luck, Slack...x
Gness, Ta ☺☺☺
Meant to add.
From the time I walked into the operating theatre to the time they wheeled me out for tea and toast was about 30 minutes of which 20 minutes was the actual operation time. I was at home after an hour which included a journey time of 15 minutes.
I absolutely dreaded my cataract op, particularly as it was 4 weeks ago (on Friday 13th)!I felt nothing and saw nothing. Three drops three times in the eye over about an hour and a half and then into the operating room, they put a blue sheet over your face with a gap for your eye. I think I might have seen vague shapes but not sure. It took about 10 minutes. Wonderful care - two cups of tea during the wait and tea and biscuits afterwards. Drops 4 times a day - antibiotic for two weeks and steroids for four.
Don't be afraid, I will have it done again when my other eye needs it without worrying like I did this time.

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Cataract Operations

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