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gordiescotland1 | 18:53 Sun 29th Apr 2018 | Body & Soul
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Hi there for the last 4 weeks I have been experiencing bleeding when going to the loo, bowel related. It is dark red in movement and on paper. I had a colonoscopy 5 years ago which was completely clear, no polyps. Last year I had constant runs and I mentioned it to gp and he told me as I had a clear colonoscopy 4 years previously no need to do one again, are polyps the only sign that bowel cancer could develop?


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Regardless of what we think, please go and get checked out again.
I'd be thinking piles, but yes, get another checkup.
Get it checked, Gordie. It might be haemorrhoids.
Hear hear.
Could be as Tilly said....haemorrhoids! Same as me, a curse at al..... But if you can face everything ele and brave ( like what I am not) then get checked. I have too much wrong with me to care...depends what age you are IMO xx

go back and get it checked regardless of what gp is saying
GP ..soonest before you make yourself ill with worry !
Gordie. Some years ago I had a colonoscopy after rectal bleeding. I had polyps, which were removed. Some years later I again had rectal bleeding, this time it turned out to be internal piles. I have recently been experiencing bleeding again. Not in the least bothered by it TBH. Just waiting to see if it carries on then I will see the Doc. There are other symptoms to bowel cancer than just bleeding.
Please do get this checked out, don't let them fob you off,
you got to get them to do checks

Good luck,
2 clear Colonoscopies.

"are polyps the only sign that bowel cancer could develop?"

I am not sure what you mean by that, but bowel cancer can and more frequently does, develop without polyps.

Sounds like piles gordie...see you GP at your leisure.
It could be a fissure (a small tear).
I had one approx 20 years ago. I was in and out of hospital the same day and no problems since .... touch wood :)
5 Years since last Colonoscopy, I stand by my advice.
Mamy.....yes....we all agree.
yes please go back - sure they tell you - any sign of bleeding - go to gp
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I went to the doctor last week and I was given a laxative to take twice a day and he took some blood inflammatory marks blood counts etc and I am going back tomorrow for an examination,
You did right Gordie.

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Worrying Symptoms Bowel Cancer Concern

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