Braces - Do's And Dont's

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sherrardk | 20:12 Wed 25th Apr 2018 | Body & Soul
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Boy #2 is due to have braces fitted - anyone got any hints or tips? Thank you :)


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If you pull them up to tight, they will give him a wedgy and may pop off and hit him in the back of the head!
The only one I have to offer is:

Hi tiddly Hi
**** or bust
Never let your braces dangle in the dust.
Just avoid anything chewy. They have to brush their teeth four times a day, so warn him :-)
Oh, them sort of braces!
An easy mistake to make, Jack.

After all, we all know how really elegant you look in braces, don't we?

Don't eat long spaghetti in public. It hangs off the brackets quite weirdly. No apples unless they're sliced first. No coke or similar. No toffee.
It'll be worth it in the end.
Tell him not to get down about lisping or talking funny, it will pass really quickly.
My son has just had his braces removed after two and a half years. All I can really say is to avoid anything really crunchy and chewy. If he wants an apple cut it into small slices. He was never told to brush his teeth four times a day. I asked him regularly if his brace felt OK and wasn't causing him any pain.
Get to know how it looks on his teeth so you can spot straight away if one of the wires has snapped. You will be surprised how quickly (within a matter of days) teeth move if the brace is not working correctly. Fortunately these days most kids don't have an issue with wearing braces and they are seen as cool, my son had blue spacers (may not be the correct term) on his braces. The one bind was having to go to the orthodontist every six weeks to have his brace checked and adjusted.
Good luck, all the discomfort (although he coped remarkably well with what little pain he had) is worth it in the end.
my neighbour's 3 children have them and it is the "in" thing - they love them and have been wearing them about 2 years now - think it will be time soon for them to come off. As a lipreader I never ever thought they had crooked teeth.
Get extra wax stuff that covers any wee sharp bits and stress the need for a retainer once they come off.

Wish I'd had it done as a lad.
i thought retainers were the same as braces
Douglas - I'm sure you are glad you have your own teeth now never mind braces LOL
Mostly filling now Jenny but there's worse going around. :-)

My daughter still wears her retainer at night regularly to stop her teeth finding their own position. A wee bit like a lightweight boxer's gumshield but without the violence.
right - I didn't know that - you learn everyday.
If he is iffy about wearing them, try and find someone who has had them as an example of how his teeth will look afterwards.

It was easy for us with youngest daughter - eldest daughter wore her braces (they were the detachable 'cats whiskers' ones in those days) and has perfect teeth, middle daughter didn't persevere and has OK, but not perfect teeth, yo youngest daughter followed her older sister's example, and has perfect teeth.

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Braces - Do's And Dont's

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