Been For Endoscopy

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ferlew | 09:39 Wed 18th Apr 2018 | Body & Soul
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In the end I had it done with just the freezing spray.
The girl found where I was bleeding from, and took some biopsies. Now the wait to see the consultant, which could take a good few weeks.
It was horrendous, (probably my own fault for being so stressed about it) but at least we now know why I am so flipping anaemic.


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"the girl?"...........
Are you upset because the job title wasn't used or because they're letting the fillies work at the sharp end, Sqad? :-)
Half the battle's finding the problem, Ferlew, now they can get on with fixing it.
LOL....I just wondered if ferlew was sitting in the waiting room and the cleaner came an slipped a "scope" up her bottom ;-)
ferlew, I hope things work out well for you and I'm sure they will.

I've had two endoscopies via the freezing spray and I agree with your assessment. I would much prefer a Gin and Tonic !

I am due another of the things soon and am considering the option of a full anaesthetic . Anyone been down this route ?


I haven't Derek but the head of the household has had a fair few in her time. She just tells them to get on with it without drugs.

I've had the other end done and would always take the best way to oblivion that they have on offer.
Sqad nurse consultants do endoscopies quite often now. So it's not always a medic. TBH from some doctors that I have worked with the cleaner would be a better bet.
What is a "Nurse Consultant?"
I wouldn't be happy with that set up as i would want the opinion of a medic (even if it was a cleaner in disguise)

"Nurse Consultant ?????!!!"
most of them look like 'girls' when you get to a certain age

the girl could be a doctor (we're allowed to do that sort of stuff now ya know)
nurse specialists are sometimes men too!
bednobs...that i understand, but why not call her Dr rather than "the girl?"

I have noticed a growing disrespect for medics on AB with rather unsavoury comments.
Pleased it's over for you, in fairness to sqad, nurse practitioners are fairly new, ( maybe 10/ 15 years )
Glad you are a step nearer Ferlew.
How is it disrespectful when many DRs introduce them selves as John or Jayne.
Eccles.....I never knew ANY Drs who introduced themselves to the patient by their christian name.....that must be something recent and if so, then these Drs get what they deserve.

getting back to the OP.....Dr or the doctors christian name would have been better than the "girl."
Maybe the OP didn't know the status of the person performing the endoscopy. As said, these days people tend to introduce themselves by just their name.
237...that is just my point as now it seems that non medically qualified personnel can perform these procedures.
I think that's far more likely 237 and when a patient is scared and tense things are very confusing.

Let us know how you get along Ferlew.
If I was scared and confused and somebody was sticking an object up my bottom I would be EVEN more inclined to call them...Dr.
^ the last medic who did that to me was called Mr Fawcett which I thought was rather appropriate

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