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Spungle | 09:34 Tue 17th Apr 2018 | Body & Soul
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Would you research whether your partner had ginger "genes" before beginning a long-term relationship with them?

I ask the question because a lot of ginger children suffer low self-esteem due to bullying etc, and, the reality is, going through life with ginger hair can be a distinct disadvantage to many people. In some countries, such as Denmark, they turn away ginger-haired donors due to a lack of demand.

When planning a family, is this something you would take into consideration?


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I think with people like ed sheran has helped greatly .
No, not at all.
and no I wouldn't research history ^^^^
Lol...this is a funny question.

Lots of gingers in my family. My uncle, my aunt and four of their offspring. My OH is ginger, so is his mother and sister and a rake of cousins as well.
LOL.....what an interesting question.

No, I wouldn't investigate my partner's genes, but perhaps it shows forethought and forward planning on your part.
If the future success of your child is fundamental to your family philosophy, then good on yer.....investigate and if their is a chance that your offspring may have "negative " genes, then forget a future with your partner and try again with another partner.
If the future of your progeny is no big deal....then "what the hell?"

Great question.
Question Author
Sure, there's some great ginger icons around, don't get me wrong, like Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran etc- but the question really is, if you had the responsibility of bringing a family into this world, would you not consider their potential hair-colour, as their quality of life could potentially be adversely affected?
Yes ^^^^
Bit late if you already have a partner you are thinking of having kids with.

Personally I dont think it matters if it's a natural pregnancy but if having a doner then I might consider it as both wife and I are dark haired (well grey now) and tan easily so it would look a little out of place.
I was always more interested in getting rid of my partner's jeans.
I spent half my life dyeing my hair red, I wish my mum had given me her auburn genes. I think the red tide is turning, just correct the use of ginger to a more positive description.
Btw. I made a little girl with a mass of flaming long ginger hair very happy by asking if she was Merida the Princess from Brave and I said I recognised her by her hair. We can all help end Gingerism
//We can all help end Gingerism//

So you did that by picking out a girl with red hair?

Surely the best way is to ignore it, unless you make a habit of speaking to all girls?
I began life with with red hair and I never had any problems - well maybe the occasional "Ginger you're balmy", but that helped me learn how to fight, and (though I say it myself) I've always done pretty well with the ladies.
Now though, like everyone else of a certain age, it all levels out to a uniform grey!
Your balmy, Khando?

pleasantly warm isn't something I would associate with you tbh.
My OH has gone darker with age. In school though his hair was orange.

I like ginger hair.
No, I've never thought about researching hair colour genes when starting a relationship.
There are some red-haired genes in my family. My dad was quite reddish, and so is my sister. I'm not. My dad's four grandsons are all blond or dark-haired.
My other half is ginger and one of the most confident people I know. He loves his ginger hair.
Point taken but when children talk to me I usually try to find something nice to say to them. And maybe it was picking on what some would call a negative but making it a positive can help. I remember as a child who wore spectacles being complimented on how grown up I looked in them was helpful in offsetting the bullying.
Same, Anthro, my OH is full of confidence.
I wasnt really trying to knock you, it's good you pass compliments. But I have a daughter who is profoundly deaf (since birth). She can't stand anyone making a fuss over it she wants to be treated as "normal".

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