Asking a guy out

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paracetamol1 | 21:22 Mon 31st Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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Hi, Recently asked a guy out he saidt hat he'd think about it but stressed it wasn't a no answer - what does everyone think - does this mean no? any guys out there with a view on what he means?


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Why don't you give it a few days and see if he gets back to you? Thing is that he may not want to come across as being too keen.....or desparate.

Sound like the kind of answer girls give all the time to be honest. Difference is that us guys are much easier to fathom out.

we've been having a similar conversation earlier on how confusing it is as to whether girls should ask guys out, or let them do the chasing. although i cannot answer your question (i'm just as perplexed when it comes to men folk!!!) can i just ask how you asked this guy out, and whether you would have ever waited for him to ask you out?
God, forget him. Either he gives you a yes or a no. Don't let him muck you about like this. I would give it another day and then find someone else!!! His loss!

If he wanted to, he'd have said yes on the spot. So it's basically a no, with the proviso that he might change his mind if he's got nothing to do, the telly's broken down, the dog's run away and the rest of the town's died in a gas leak.

As crgb says, it's exactly the same as if a girl had said it, so it's not gender-specific. Anyone who does the asking risks being knocked back like this - but nothing ventured nothing gained; you fancied him and you tried. Don't let it put you off trying again with someone else.

If he had been too shy to ask you out, he would have jumped at the chance when you asked him. Forget him. Are you doing anything tonight?
I agree with scarlett and jno. Move on, pleanty more fish ..... He sounds rather arogant, like he's wondering whether or not to 'do you a favour' by going out with you - knob. - Go out with grunty :o)
in fairness to your guy, he may have been being polite and trying to soften the blow by not saying No too emphatically. But I think that, basically, No is what he means.
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GraceAnais - i've always done the waiting and one day i decided no more - sod it. I liked him, we talked, had a laugh and i asked if he wanted a drink.

Thanks everyone - its been a week so i'm off the big blue sea to find myself some other fish!

Good on you!!! i wish i had the guts to just go out there and get it like that. but i have to say the few times that i have made it clear that i like someone; it hasn't gone too well. i've now resigned myself to that fact that if a man doesn't make an effort with me, then sod him. the weekend is only 3 days away... you're sure to meet a new love interest soon. but remember... if you look, you'll never find. i'm starting to believe that's true. men are like dogs, they smell desperation!!!
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What interests does everyone reccomend to widen my circle of friends male and female??

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Asking a guy out

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