Another Update On My Brother

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pastafreak | 22:26 Sat 07th Apr 2018 | Body & Soul
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He finally came out of ICU last weekend, and is now in a regular room. He's having physical therapy, and his recovery is going to be a long, slow process.
I just read up on recovery, and it's a scary business. It will be a long time before he is out of the woods. There is still the chance of Post Sepsis Syndrome.
I'm back to feeling helpless again.


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Hey pasta isn't it a good thing that he is out of ICU. Got to be a good sign that, he must be on the road to recovery.
You're bound to feel this way Pasta, in truth just keep in touch the best way you can and hope time helps him.x
I think sheer distance is amplifying your sense of helplessness.

He's clearly making progress, albeit small steps, and your support and encourgement will not do either of you any harm.
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I know Nom...
I have mixed feelings, as I'd not want to see him unwell. When I visited back in November, that was enough of a shock.
It is good that he is out of ICU, it is worrying being so far away from him. I wish him well.
Pasta, I should say he's a great deal better than when last you saw him.

Just let him know that you're only at the end of the phone and that you'd give anything to be there x
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Actually, Nom, he was comparetively well when I last saw him. But, he's 81, so age had taken its toll, he was quite fragile.
So far, during this illness, I've had no contact with him. He's not far as I have his tablet or phone. SIL relays messages. I hope.
So sorry you're feeling so frightened and at odds but it's absolutely understandable, any of us would feel the same. Looking at it coldly and logically he's out of ICU which is a huge step, and yes he has a long way to go, but he's still here to go that way, so until you have something further to worry about just try to look at it that every day will be a small improvement, but don't beat yourself up for feeling like this and worrying, it's human nature and you deserve to look after yourself too. xxx
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A bit more...he's being moved to a rehab facility soon. My SIL had to find a place close to home that would accept him with all his various medical issues.
I'm beginning to think it's a miracle he's gotten this far.

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Another Update On My Brother

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