Low/high Sugar Warnings

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queenofmean | 14:34 Fri 16th Mar 2018 | Body & Soul
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This may sound crazy but over the years I’ve lost a lot of my Low sugar warnings.

But, recently I’ve gained all of them back, but I’ve lost all warnings of high sugars.

Is this normal? Will they come back too?

It’s not a major deal if the Sensor says I’m high I’ll deal with it or vice versa.

Also is there a reason behind them coming and going?


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QoM....I think you need to discuss this with the manufacturers of your device.
Question Author
I do still get the odd very thirsty high sign but when I’m low teens not high 20’s like I should.
My nurse doesn’t know, but I don’t think it’s anything to do with the meter woof.
I don't understand your question.
Do you mean "clinical " warnings...e.g sweating etc. OR do you mean something to do with your testing kit (if so, I still don't understand the question.)
I thought QoM was talking about her 'warning' signs did I.
Question Author
Yes I mean Clinical. For example high readings are usually accompanied by unsatisfied thirst or general feeling of unwell. I’ve lost those. I have to solely rely on my monitoring system for extreme highs ie 25+ I do sometimes get thirsty in the low teens.

I lost feeling dizzy, sweats,confusion,shakiness and staring blankly when I was low. But they have all recently returned.

I’m not overly concerned I just wondered why this happens and if my high warnings will return.

My monitoring system works very well and I have the ability to prevent highs or lows as the system tells me which way my sugars are going and how quickly or if I’m stable.
Ah! I thought that is what you meant.
No, I don't know why this happens but recognising low blood sugars clinically is more important than recognising high blood sugars and as the shaking, sweating dizziness has returned, then that ids good news.
A high blood sugar can be picked up on your testing kit.
Question Author
That’s ok Sqad.

I just wondered if there was a reason for it, but if not I’ll just put it down to 27 years in the trenches.

I’m glad too the low warnings have returned. I had a bad one at the weekend and I couldn’t stop shaking or string a sentence together. I ended up slumped on the floor with OH supporting me drinking a glass of cola and a cereal bar. I wasn’t allowed to move until I felt better and made more sense.

Thank you :)

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Low/high Sugar Warnings

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