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MrPahoehoe | 12:38 Sun 30th Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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Any dentists out there? I've just noticed what could be a tiny crack on the tip of one of my top front teeth. The crack seems to run diagonally, so if it did crack, I'd only loose a few mm's of one of the corners of the tooth, but I'd much rather not. Is there anything I can do, assuming it is a crack: like eating lots of Ca-rich foods/drinking milk and brushing my teeth more, to try and strengthen them, or is that futile??


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Have you knocked your tooth at all? If not then it could be just a small naturally occuring hairline striation. Iv'e got a couple on my front teeth and they look like cracks but they are perfectly healthy and shouldn't cause any problems. Quite a lot of people have them without realising.

I'm not a dentist but a dental nurse of 15 years experience, and Iv'e seen lot's of these "cracks" if you'll pardon the expression!

Try not to worry but get it checked out with your dentist especially if you have knocked it.


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Cracked Tooth

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