Dislocated Knee Joint Freaking Out

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gordiescotland1 | 10:12 Sun 18th Feb 2018 | Body & Soul
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Hi there I got up to go to loo in the middle of the night and I turned the wrong way. I heard a very loud click in my right knee it is now at a funny angle I can weight bear on it although it is painful and I can get out of a chair ok.But lying in bed I cant put it right down I can only lie on the side. I phoned NHS 24 and they suggested I go to a and e, I am not sure why? But I will go. My dad is coming for me. I hope I havent dislocated it. I have had major problems before on my left knee and had splints and aspirations done. I am quite a bit overweight maybe it is putting strain on it. I totally hate hospitals I have severe anxiety now thinking about it.


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With a dislocation speed is essential. I dislocated my finger ,but due to other problems the hospital failed to treat it for over two weeks. When they eventually did look at it ,it was too late.I eventually had to have it operated on to put a metal plate in the joint to relocate it. If it had been looked at immediately it would have been simple to reset. I got it when I collapsed and fell down stairs due to a fever from septicemia, understandably the hospital were more concerned about treating the septicemia, which was life threatening, rather than a dislocated finger.
Yes, go, the sooner the better. How else will you know if it's something comparatively minor? Good luck.
What is your question?
I imagine that a dislocated knee would cause intense agony and you'd be desperate to get to the hospital to get it sorted.
Sqad , georgiescotland's hospital, travel and other phobias have frequently been a reason his posts on AB,this is just more of the same.
He is just looking for reassurance.
Eddie.....yes you are correct.....BUT he has phoned NHS24, his dad is going to take him to Casualty...what else is there to say?
If I remember rightly he is in blood thinners which would make slight injuries more "pronounced" and for what it is worth,it is highly unlikely that he has dislocated his knee.......highly unlikely and i agree with the post of Tilly 09.52.
Are you back, Gordie? How did it go?

Gordie, I hope that they managed to sort your knee out. I have a 'bad' knee so I can empathise.
Best of luck gordie....let us know how you got on.
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Hi there. Good news it is not dislocated. They told me it was a soft tissue injury which can take a few weeks to heal. It is still quite painful, been told to do a mixture of rest and exercise, use ice and elevate it. And to use cocodamol for the pain. Thanks to all who replied
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Glad it isn't dislocated, give it plenty of rest.
Pleased to hear that, gordie. Do as you're bid ... Maybe you could hire two old fashioned sedan chair bearers to carry you around.
Glad it's been sorted geordie. you've been given the best advice, rest and exercise. Good luck.

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Dislocated Knee Joint Freaking Out

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