How Expensive Is It To Go To A Chiropractor?

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spathiphyllum | 16:35 Wed 14th Feb 2018 | Body & Soul
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My Ms has really bad back. I think its her car seat to be honest... but it's hard to adjust!

What sort of price would one be looking at for a consultation / session?


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It probably depends on the individual Chiropractor, but when I went about 18 months ago it was £45 for the initial consultation then £40 per visit.
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So the first consultation was about £50, and every session after the first one was slightly cheaper?
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Did they do things to your back on the first consultation?
I sometimes visit a fully qualified osteopath for my back. Up here (E. Yorkshire) initial consultation & session was £45,following treatments were £38 each. Having seen a neuro-surgeon, he advised me to take up swimming. I hate swimming, but do it regularly, and it has strengthened my back muscles.

If my back goes into spasm (very OUCH!!!!!) I see a good, qualified, local masseuse to relax the muscles. That is £20 for a full back massage. Perhaps that would be the way for your Ms to go in the 1st instance.
They asked various questions to get an idea of medical history & any injuries, then did some "manipulation" (not sure exactly what you'd call it). But they did recommend at least 3 - 4 visits
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Thank-you both so much! That is a very reassuring price, as i thought it would be closer to the hundreds.

Maybe a belated valentines present is in order. One coupon for the chiropractor!
I'd rather go to a Physiotherapist than an Osteopath (at least for a first consultation) - a diagnosis/massage/advice session cost me about £40 a couple of years ago - worked very well - follow up sessions (not needed in my case) would have been a few pounds cheaper.

You need to find out if it is a chiropractor...osteopath...Or physio she needs...Most likely the latter... go through gp...even if thereafter you go need a diagnosis
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jourdain2, the Mrs says she needs to see a masseuse, but i thought a chiropractor will be a more medically sound advice for an initial consultation.

Maybe after that, a monthly massage.
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"you need a diagnosis"

I thought a Chiropractor would be able to do this much more efficiently than going through her GP.

I can personally get appointments same day with my Docs... But the Ms' docs takes the royal Pee
I went to a sports physio for my neighbour was Norwich city manager... I had it done at carrow rd....only needed 2 trips and cost a bottle of scotch...
You don't need a GP referral - either for Osteopath or Physio - although it wouldn't hurt to let the GP have a look anyway.

These are the people I used - brilliant service :
Have been to loads, some of them have been carp but now I go to a great Osteopath she is very young but certainly knows her job.

Last time I went to her - I got a taxi to her cos I was in so much pain and when she finished with me - I walked it into town - about 3 miles.

She charges £40 an hour.
If I had a bad back I'd find a good acupuncturist followed by regular Swedish massage.....not aromatherapy massage......a firm massage from a good therapist......x
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I've been to the place I've been thinking of personally but i was young and my mother paid. They recommended 2 sessions. I had the first initial session and I've been fine ever since. Lucky i guess.

It's a brave person comes near me with a needle !
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acupuncture is a bit extreme i feel.

I found the acupuncture exacerbated the pain
Find out what's wrong before letting anyone loose on it. See the GP and ask for it to be investigated.
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MM.. not a bad shout to be fair! the GP would know where to send her. The issue is her GP's are so awkward, a private chiropractor would be ideal.

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