B.p Tablets.

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jacpinetree17 | 19:21 Sun 11th Feb 2018 | Body & Soul
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Hello Squad.
I have high b.p. and take Lisinopril 20mg been on them for yrs. Had my anual check with nurse and my b.p. even higher. Sent me to my own doctor a week later. Again it was high so he has put me on Amlodipine 5mg as well as staying on the Lisinopril. Have to see him again in two weeks time. Im sure i have white coat syndrome, i See a b.p. machine and i try to relax. The tightness of the cuff makes me panic. Do you think the new tablet will help?
JPT. xxxxx


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Sorry I have just seen your post.......had an early night last night ;-)

Well, I am not a supporter of White Coat Syndrome, but if it does exist then the question is, she would treat it? I think they should.

From what you have said, the combination of Lisinopril and Amlodipine is a popular and successful combination in the treatment of high BP.......I agree with this approach.

Why not buy a BP machine from Boots or elsewhere and check you BP at home?
Sqad //Why not buy a BP machine from Boots or elsewhere and check you BP at home? //

We did exactly that when my wife's BP was high when taken by the doctor, despite being on tablets. It came out as OK on our own machine and our doctor was quite happy for her to take our machine to the surgery and compare with him. The readings agreed (high) so it was concluded that she did have "white coat syndrome". Nowadays we both use our home machine as a monitor, my wife also having an annual check with the doctor just to confirm the medication is still appropriate.

It is not that i don't believe in WCS, I do,but I feel that it is overdiagnosed....just a personal opinion and there again if it IS diagnosed WCS should it be treated?
All very controversial, but the bhg family are managing the problem in a professional way.
Thanks Sqad.
Do not place too much faith in home BP machines as they are not calibrated and can be wildly erratic. I took mine yesterday and got a reading of 80/50. Retook it immediately and got 140/90. least you retook it......that was the correct thing to do.
A good adage in medicine is if you don't believe the results, then do them again.
It sounds like you have a problem with yours Jack. When we first got ours we got a low reading, compared to the doctor's. We took it back to Boots who immediately swapped it for another (same model). That also gave low readings and that was when we asked our doctor if he'd compare with us. As I said in my earlier post, the readings at the surgery were consistent with the doctor's taken with a sphygmomanometer. Ours is an upper-arm type, which we bought because they were said to be more accurate than the wrist-type at the time (about 20 years ago). After all that time our regular readings vary very little from one check to another, no more than you would expect from living people (and mine are different from hers).
// Well, I am not a supporter of White Coat Syndrome,//

Sqad that is because you dont wear a white coat and wiv some girls you wear nothing at all - hur hur hur - you havent been to Haiti have you ?

er right - high blood pressure is the subject - and should the poster take stuff for it? yes - try it and see

you were OK for years and then BP goes up and up pops white coat syndrome.... unlikely in my view.

will your BP go down if you dont take the drug? - try it and see - do the experiment.... Remember you are in charge of yourself.

Practice nursey is not gonna shoot you or nail you to the door if you dont take prescribed drugs.

blimey why biuy machines and then doubt results?

buy an upper arm one
Mine IS an upper arm one.
well there is this for machines

looks at + or - 3 mm - that is 120 then reads above 117 and below 123.

and these are the which criteria

they wont tell which is best unless you pay them
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Thanks Squad for your reply. I do have my own b.p. machine and have gave readings to my doc over the years. I see him again 21 Feb so see if the Amlopidine has any effect. Thanks to those who replied. JPT. xxxxxxxx

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