Walking Speed And Energy Expenditure

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atalanta | 13:27 Wed 31st Jan 2018 | Body & Soul
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I have to walk a certain distance every day. One day I do the walk very briskly and arrive at my destination in an hour. Another day, walking the same route, I take my time, amble along admiring the scenery, and arrive in an hour and a half. Do I use the same amount of energy/burn the same number of calories each time ?


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According to Michael Moseley on BBC tonight, brisk is better health-wise.

I know that when I walk briskly...getting my heart rate fitbit tells me that I use more calories per minute. Not that calories should matter.
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square of the speed

so if you walk at 2 units you will use 4 say
and at 3 units .... 9 whatevers

so the faster you walk the even better it is....

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Walking Speed And Energy Expenditure

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