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kissimmee | 14:31 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | Body & Soul
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For a whole year through 2017 everything went wrong but kept going hoping it would improve but it didn't thought 2018 new start leave last years troubles behind me. Only on the 3 Jan fences blowing down cctv I had fitted won't stay on line so I can view security lights broke after 1 month can't come out to me till February been trying to send a mobile back to Is for months keep telling me I can return in a jiffy bag they will send to me but never do. I really want to get off this planet. Life used to be so simple


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why not turn it around and think of the things that do go right rather than those thast don't. In all honesty, all that might seem big to you, but to someone else they would seem very small.
Your cameras not going online hardly seems like a reason to kill yourself to me, but if it does to you, i fear you must have depression, and therefore should see your GP
As well as thinking of the poitives as bednobs has suggested, I'd start with things you can control, e.g. get yourself a jiffy bag to return the phone in if getting it sent will give you peace of mind, a small price to pay and then something you can tick off the list.

The cause of the camera fault may be the weather therefore only temporary.

February is only a few weeks away for someone to come out and it is a busy time of year, a few weeks is not as bad as a few months!

I agree with bednobs too, if these things are really getting you down as much as it sounds, speak to your GP or someone else about how you are feeling.

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Never said I wanted to kill myself
you said "I really want to get off this planet"
sorry i took "i really want to get off this planet" as you'd like to kill yourself, rather than you'd like to train to become an astronaut. my mistake.

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So Fed Up

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