Can I Do It ??????

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mallyh | 09:23 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | Body & Soul
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oh dear ,i put 4ibs on over christmas and new year ,not a great start of 2018 ,still got a lot to go but i can do it .don't know why i'm writing this really.but seeing it in print helps get me on track again xx


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The extra few pounds will probably go quite easily once you get back to eating and drinking normally.
Don't give up. Go out for a walk at least, if you can't face the gym or whatever you normally do.
Of course you can do it mallyh, start with the basics and work from there - its normal to put a little on over Christmas with all the extra food.
Put it behind you don't dwell and move on xx
You put on a bit over Christmas.

You are not alone!

You'll shift it in no time.
You've done the hardest part, mally - standing on the scales. Too easy to push it to the back of your mind and put off weighing yourself for a few weeks after Christmas.

Of course you can x
Yes you can !
Yes, mallyh, you can. Well done for posting this. Back to 'normal' now. Maybe no sugary treats (sorry if that's not you) for a while.
Same here. Not only did I eat more but I got a nasty virus that is in its fifth week and have sat on behind for a lot of that time.
Have also learned that getting on scales while really holding tummy in makes no difference to the reading!!
Maybe just put one leg on scales Jake ?
Thanks annea, I needed that laugh this morning :-)
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thanks for the encouragement xxx i do take my earrings of when i get on the scales ,and hold my breath lol x
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off ^^^
I keep one hand on the basin while standing on the scales :)
my mother used to take her wedding ring off when she weighed herself

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Can I Do It ??????

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