I Had A Fall.

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Caran | 22:53 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | Body & Soul
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About 4 weeks ago I had a nasty fall. I somehow got my legs tangled with a dining chair and fell over, crashing very heavily to the floor on my left shoulder. It was. And still is painful. I have difficulty sleeping as I lie on my left side. If I turn to my right side it hurts as I must have jarred that at the time.
I also hurt in my neck on the left side.
If I go to A&E would they do an X-ray without a doctors referral and after such a time.
It takes such a long time to get a doctors appointment here. Up to three weeks sometimes.


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Ask your surgery for an urgent doctor's appointment.

They can do it, if they consider it necessary.
I hate the misuse of A&E but you could tell a porkie as to when it happened.
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I'm sure they could tell from an X-ray how long ago it happened.
I kept thinking it would get better. It hasn't.
We are talking about the NHS Caran, probably don't know what day it is.
Your problem would seem to fall within the scope of the Minor Injuries Unit at Dilke Memorial Hospital. (0800 to 2300 daily. Phone 0300 421 8640 and select Option 1). Let them take a look at your injury.

(If, as I suspect, they'll find that you've got a minor fracture to your collarbone, they'll probably simply put your arm in a sling because it's normally self-healing. However it will still stop you worrying about exactly what the cause of your discomfort is).
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Thank you Chris, you do go the extra mile don't you!
You are a star!
The NHS, so far, have been brilliant with me.

If you turn up at A&E they will treat you as seen fit and inform your doctor after. They don't operate on referrals.

The fact is you're posting on AB so it's not an emergency. How about trying the minor injuries clinic?
You two weren't there when I posted :-)
Caran, I have been to A+E today with an injury I got over a week ago, and they were fine with me, just examined and reassured me it was only a muscle sprain.Had a 3hr wait though :(

x x x
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Get it looked at soon Caran.

Glad you got checked out Baths.
Yes Mamya, so am I :)

x x x
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Okay, I will do it.

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I Had A Fall.

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