Slight Hilar Prominence

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HenryFord | 11:45 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I have just been told I have a slight Hilar Prominence on the left side. I have had a niggling cough for about 4-5 months, went to see a Doctor about 2 months ago who said it was probably just a stubborn cough, but it didn't go away, so went back to docs who sent me for an xray. The cough started just after spending several days clearing out a very dusty old loft. I have now got to go for a CT scan. Can anyone tell me what to expect. Doc says it very unlikely to be cancer, but possibly sarcoidosis. Does anyone have any 1st hand experience. I am 47, ex smoker, (gave up about 10 years ago), male, physically fit, no other symptoms other than occasional itchy rash on tops of thighs and buttocks that sometimes extends to torso. Also itchy scalp. Whats the chance of cancer? Whats the chance of Sarcoidosis. All help appreciated. Thanks


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"Slight!"....that is the key could be normal BUT it does need investigating.
Many causes which Aber's links will identity.

It could be cancer.............of lung but extremely highly unlikely.
If you've had an x-ray and you're now being sent for a CT, then that suggests that an abnormality was detected on CXR and the CT is being done to further characterise this abnormality.

Have you had any recent history of unexplained weight loss? Any shoulder pain? Shortness of breath (particularly on exertion)?

Even in the presence or absence of any particular symptoms, it's hard to say at this point and it never pays to speculate. The fact that you are only mid-forties and quit smoking in your mid-thirties is a plus.
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Hi, Thanks for the answers. No weight loss, no shoulder pain, no chest pain. I do a lot of walking and can be out of breath walking up steep hills (I live in Derbyshire, so plenty around), but I dont think anymore than is normal. I do a bit of cycling, go to the Gym now and then. Can run up and downstairs easily. Did a 10K in the gym less than 12 months ago, done a bit of fell running in the last 12/18 months, but gave it up due to knees hurting afterwards.
I agree with NoM....the only clue to diagnosis is the skin rash, which is associated with Sarcoidosis, however, it is pointless speculating......all may well be normal.
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Another thing that I have only just realised, the cough is from my Larynx, not from my chest. Is this relevant?
Yes, it may well be, probably suggesting that your hilar lymph node has nothing to do with the cough.......maybe.
Just be patient untill the CT is done and blood test results are available.
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Just to complete the story...CT scan shows I am fine, thank God, the prominence was put down to the way I was stood during the xray and the cough to an allergy which was cured with anti-histamine.

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Slight Hilar Prominence

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