Medication On Empty Stomach

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Bazile | 15:54 Mon 04th Dec 2017 | Body & Soul
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How do you know if your stomach is empty ?


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Hi Bazile, if you haven't ate in a few hours, I'd probably have a couple of pieces of toast or something before medication.
Just common sense, if it needs to be taken on an empty stomach then wait a few hours after eating.
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But it says 'on an empty stomach'
Just wait a while after eating, or take on waking.
Ah sorry Bazile, you meant the oposite, yes as mamya has said.
My wife has just been given some antibiotics that require an empty stomach. The leaflet says 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating.
Is there mush room inside?
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Does drinks/ some drinks , come into the equation ?
When you eat, your stomach produces very strong acid as part of the digestive process; this will probably kill the antibiotics. I suspect a small amount of liquid to help swallow the tablets would be OK.
Bazile without knowing what the medication is I suggest you check with the prescriber or pharmacist if it is causing such worry.
What a good don't.
However gastric emptying is usually...usually..2 hours after that is a good starting point.

Don't go over the top with this........just take your tablets 2 hours after a meal with water.

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In this context , does drinks count as a meal

Eg if I ate ,say at 2000hrs , while I'm waiting for the two hours to pass to take medication - can I consume drinks - eg tea ,juice etc ?
I would........even the "etc".....;-)
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Thanks sqad (-:
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By the way ,it's antibiotic
The advice will remain the same Bazile.
As an extension to this, as I said earlier my wife is on antibiotics and tomorrow she is booked in for a shingles vaccination. She she postpone? need to postpone......your wife should be fine.
Thanks for that sqad - we just didn't want to waste the nurse's time and deprive someone else of the appointment.

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Medication On Empty Stomach

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