Crutches Forearm Covers?

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LittleSquidge | 21:28 Thu 23rd Nov 2017 | Body & Soul
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I’ve been put on crutches for pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy.

I’m finding them useful, but uncomfortable to use.

Firstly, the ‘c-shape’ forearm cuff grips feel a little tight and aren’t easy to get over my coat, etc.
- can I do anything to stretch them out?
- can I buy covers to offer padding?

I have found some padded grips for the hand parts already.

Thanks in advance!


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are the forearm bits plastic or metal?
This type of thing? User Recommendation

Amazon has quite a few
Question Author
They’re plastic.
Question Author
Those wouldn’t fit the crutches, I’m afraid.

Mine look like this:
you might try warming the cuffs with a hot hairdryer and seeing if they will open up a bit? Alternatively go back to where you got them from and tell them they are a bit tight....they do (or did) come in different sizes....don't tell them about the hairdryer thing though!

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Crutches Forearm Covers?

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