Permanent Damage To Achilles Heel/ankles?

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Jahulaye | 20:48 Thu 23rd Nov 2017 | Body & Soul
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I made a post on the 7th Oct about trauma to my feet, it’s over a month and it’s still painful especially when im walking down stairs, on the Achilles heel tendon and it literally feels that my leg is going to snap at the ankle, I stood on a chair earlier and nearly fell off due to the pain and how weak that region is now after my injury.

Stupidly I never went to the docs or a+e for an x Ray/scan

Have I done permanent damage? What have I possibly injured/wrecked?


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Best have somebody look at it in case the damage is healing in a way that's causing trouble.
I read you previous post that you mentioned and that was more of a diffuse problem not one associated to a particular area.
Today's post seems to be a more precise and discreet problem, that of one Achilles tendon area.
Yes it could well be an Achilles tendon injury, but by the sound of things,you haven't done any permanent damage, maybe just a tear to the tendon.
See your GP as an MRI scan may be required.
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Oh god this ain’t good, I can’t even jog or think about the gym when walking brings pain. The pains definitely the Achilles heel and when I’m sitting I tend to lean with the shin getting close to the top of the foot where pain is also there ( top of foot) anyway thanks guys :(
Just take it easy and be patient - I had similar which went on for about a year. Fine now and no treatment needed.
Probably Plantar Fasciitis - where is sqad? I've suffered from this for some time and am still conscious that it lurks. Basically it is inflammation of the Achilles tendon. I ended up unable to walk. There are lots of exercises; picking-up a towel in your toes looms large (I'm good at that, l can flick it up to be caught by now).
Anyway, that's the diagnosis I was given a few years ago. Solution was said exercise (amongst others) -plus painkillers, plus exercise, plus rest.. Make of it what you will. I am at the mo. pretty OK.

It's general age/use- or so I was told.

Anyway, that's my best guess and remedy I was givenis patience, ecer
^^^ Sorry, just seen that sqad has answered - apologies for my amateur effort. :(
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Thanks all, will try and lightly exercise and leave the fitness classes and other rough stuff until I’m recovered properly as it’s not about crutches for nye clubbing, lol

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Permanent Damage To Achilles Heel/ankles?

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