I'm Having My Toenail Off Permanently Next Wednesday Anyone Else Had It Done

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gordiescotland1 | 20:00 Sat 04th Nov 2017 | Body & Soul
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HI there
I have an ingrowing toenail on my big toe on my right foot and the chiropodist has decided that being type 2 diabetic that I should have the nail permanently removed to prevent infection in the future. I am ok with needles and blood but not great with pain. I have heard horror stories about the inital injection being really painful anyone else had this done. They are going to burn the nail bed off with a chemical


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I do wish you luck, Geordie. It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. Even if the pain from the injection is awful, it won't last that long.
(I have no experience of this and am totally unqualifed to comment but I do hope you don't find it too awful)
^ unqualified^
The injection does really sting but it's very brief then it's all numbed. I had both sides of both big toe nails removed at the same time and treated to stop them growing back.

Make sure you have some nice roomy comfy shoes for after, while it's healing up, so your shoe doesn't press on your toe.
The Doctor who did mine warned me that the injection was painful, but I actually felt nothing,less even than having dental work done.
Hopefully a better job of it will be made than mine. My nail has actually begun to grow back again, which it is not supposed to.
Strange to think that we do not actually need toenails. Finger nails yes, but not toenails.
Hope it goes well for you.
PS About the shoes,, good advice. Though having said that I put my normal shoes on and drove home afterwards.
Heavens above.....I'm visiting a patient in a hospital ward where people have had toes, feet and legs amputated. Be grateful it's just a toenail.
I had an ingrown toenail cut back, not removed, and the injection was definitely not pleasant. But I wouldn't call it a horror story, just an uncomfortable one. Try listening to an Ipod or something to distract yourself.

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I'm Having My Toenail Off Permanently Next Wednesday Anyone Else Had It Done

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