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ro2124 | 14:18 Mon 30th Oct 2017 | Body & Soul
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Could do with some advice from anyone with some knowledge of Ophthalmology.

 well the old peepers been giving some trouble for a while.eyesight has degenerated over the years and I seem to need new glasses at least once a year..
 weird thing at the moment is I seem to actually see better without glasses than with.but probably just means new glasses again I guess.
 but one worrying thing is without the glasses although can see a little better, everything like colors look faded and it sometimes looks like I'm walking in fog.and when looking at lights and car headlights it's like a starburst effect.

 so something definitely is not right another thing I noticed it seems to have gotten worse since I've been living in the tropics.
 so I was thinking with sweat being somewhat corrosive I believe, with the constant heat and sweat running into eyes at times could this affect the eyes?


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Oops think wrong category , should have been under Health. Ahh well Body category Might work
I would imagine a good optician could point you in the right direction.
I know nothing about this but are you unable to see an optician where you live? A totally uneducated guess would be you have cataracts.
I was thinking exactly the same Prudie. My MiL had the same with colours and the fog bit.
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Yeah optician of course best option. But not sure how competent they are in the country where I am at the moment.Well going back to Europe in March so guess best do it then.And yrsh cataracts did spring to mind
As above....when cataracts are forming, it's common to need frequent changes of eyeglass prescription, too.
Cataracts would be my guess, too.

I had exactly the same symptoms and had cataracts removed from both eyes. Painlesss and Wow, what a difference !

Go for it asap, ro.
I had the same symptoms with blurred vision and foggy, problem is its different for the tv & comp.

Had eye test last month, and they said its a mild cataract, and didnt think I would get it on the nhs, till it gets worse, which is no help to me, as I am straining my eyes all the time to see clearly, even with glasses.
The symptoms you've described almost look like a direct cut-&-paste from here:

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