Am I Contagious?

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joko | 15:10 Thu 26th Oct 2017 | Body & Soul
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I have have had a bad chest for over a week now - it started with a tickly cough and has now become som phlegm.
I did have a sore throat too but there was no white lumps, and it wasnt particularly swollen etc - that has gone now.

I feel fine 'in myself' though - no fever or feeling like im unwell from it, so i obviously don't have a virus...?

so am i contagious?

Is it 'bacterial'? or would i feel ill with that too?

I havent managed to cough any out yet - its still very tight and sticks in my throat so i end uo swallowing, so i dont know what colour it is

im asking because i want to go out for halloween on sat, but obviosuly dont want to be spreading a chest infection around etc :(



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I think that it is difficult to say whether you had a viral infection or bacterial......probably bacterial, but does it matter as that is now in the past and you are not infectious from THAT infection.Now, I cannot say that you are brewing another infection.....nobody can, but that is what life is all about.........taking chances.
Have a good time on Saturday.
no idea how that username came up...LOL
Who gives a toss! *Chortlesplutters*
LOL....hi! Prudie.
An old tablet.............
lol, haven't seen Toss around these last 10 years.
What tablet? Ibuprofen?
Don't be cheeky....
suck lockets.

if you think you still have chest infection, back to the docs!!
If you feel in the mood to go, go. If you were ill you would be looking for an excuse not to go.
Am I the only person who has ever had only one name on here? Seems like it.
No, I've only ever had one.
I had a spare one once in the days when robots would suspend you for posting twice in three minutes.

Joko, I would have thought whatever it was was past the infectious stage. Would some sort of expectorant cough mixture help you spit it out?

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Am I Contagious?

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