Life As A Morbidly Obese Person

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Islay | 12:45 Wed 25th Oct 2017 | Body & Soul
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Yesterday’s thread got me thinking and actually kept me awake for most of last night, fuelling thoughts and feelings that I thought were behind me.
So I thought I would give you an insight into my life for those that think it’s easy to lose weight – I mean sure you just control what you put in your mouth don’t you?
On January 31st 2017 I weighed 31 stone I now weigh under 20 stone!
It gets to the point where you weigh so much that there is no point in dieting as anything you can lose is just a drop in the ocean and that is the point I got too.
It took all my effort to get out of bed in the morning shower and drive to work. But I did work full time and tried to have a social life but it got to the point where I hated going out in public. If I dared step outside of the office the stares that I got and comments made to my face was horrendous. Now some may think that it should have been the boot I needed to diet – but it didn’t because I would reach for another cake and tell myself that I can eat what I want its others that have the problem – how is me being fat affecting them – what business of theirs that I am fat. You know it was nothing to do with them and they are just mean small people that should have been raised with better manners.
Then it gets to the point that you can’t stop eating, you need the joy that food gives you because you have so little joy in your life. You pretend to be happy and jolly and the life and soul so that people cannot see what you really feel inside how vulnerable you really are.
Now I have been called many names over the years most are not printable, yes I come across as blunt and harsh but you need to think about what you are saying to a person. There has been some horrid things written about me and I am sure that following this there will be some more.
But you know what? Bring it on I can change and am changing, the people that think its ok to ‘diss’ a fat person for eating a lot in a restaurant will always be narrow minded and bitter people.
So I am asking you not to judge a fat person you don’t know the whole reason for them being as they are. Just be grateful that you are not one of them!


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I'm sorry you've had such a terrible time, Islay. I don't know how people can be so cruel.
My OH is obese, and th looks and sniggers he gets from other diners when he goes up to refill his plate at a buffet are horrible and embarrassing.
He doesn't eat that much really, his whole family tend to be fat.
Well done with your diet, Islay. You have lost almost as much as I weigh!

I don't judge people who are considerably overweight but I don't understand how they got into their predicament. To help me, just how did you get to 31 stones without realising there was something seriously amiss that needed to be addressed?
Good on you, girl - you've faced up to the situation and dealt with it. I wish you well
I meant to say, well done on your weight loss, Islay. That's fantastic.
Not for the first time I'm going to say you've done absolutely brilliantly. Like NJ, however, I do question how you got to 31 stone in the first place. How does that happen?
You have done amazingly well Islay. What made you take that first step along this journey? X

The heavier you get the less mobile you become and the less calories you burn up. My knees not only hurt when I do certain things - they make a horrible noise too. My back hurts and this even prevents me from standing for more than a moment or so.

Since my health got worse and I lost my job (☺) and my dog died - I have almost shut down. That sounds so depressing.

I am about 18 stone and I can only imagine how chuffed you are with yourself at your brilliant loss of weight.

I'm off to throttle a moggie
Islay may or may not answer the question asked , which is entirely her choice .

However i would speculate that some people have had some sort of personal problem in their lives , which brings on depression ; and comfort eat as one way of coping with their problems .

Then i could be talking complete nonesense .

Question Author
I have had an unhealthy relationship with food my entire life at 15 I was 6 stone and a size 6!
When i started eating again everyone was so happy that I just continued eating, it creeps on gradually and as you are not weighing you find an excuse for your clothes not fitting.
And as I said before you believe that food is your friend, its the one constant in your life that will never hurt you or leave you.
Islay, I think acknowledging that the problem is really in your head is an enormous step forward. Well said – and well done!
Such a brave and honest post Islay, I applaud you for the post and your frankness.

I am sorry I kept you awake last night, I can snore like a rhino with sinusitis ;-)

Keep up the good work gal and wear your pride loud and proud,
Thanks, Islay. Good of you to be so candid on a public forum.

Good luck with your diet - onwards and downwards :-)
Really good post, Islay. You've done astonishingly well & are quite right to be as proud as you are.

There are bullies in every walk of life - whatever their reasons for being rude, ignore them. That's obviously hard to do, but when they see they're not going to get the reaction they want, they'll give up. They're trolls, feeding on the negative emotions they engender in their victims - don't give them any & they'll wither away.

You're the winner.
I admire you for your bravery for posting on here. xx

I read that you haven't yet reached the end of your journey, a tough road. Keep on going.

How do you feel within yourself? Are you more content now? (I do hope so) xx

The thought of Eccles snoring like a rhino with sinusitis scares me :-D
I think food is one of the most difficult addictions! Pretty much all the other addictions you can just quit or go cold turkey, but you cant do that with food, we still need to eat.
Well done Islay for fronting up and talking about.
Question Author
Thanks everyone I am hoping that my experience can provide a little education.
I don't think I was depressed - as I said I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food right back to being a toddler!
Eccles, its not you lol its strange how our minds work overtime!
I realised that my life had passed me buy and I wasn't getting to enjoy time with my husband or my precious dogs. I wanted to start riding again and maybe get my horse but of course I couldn't because of my size.
Question Author
Another 5-6 stone to go then several operations so about another year Alba
Some people will always go for our Achilles heel,we all have one, its fabulous you appear so happy with your achievements,:-) I do think you have a fabulous husband who loves you no matter what your weight is , well done Mr. I .
Question Author
annea you are right i do have a fab husband, we have been together since I was 17 now 45! He loves me no matter what! (well someone has too) lol
They do Islay cause you are a crabbit wumin sometimes :-)

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