Life As A Morbidly Obese Person

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Islay | 12:45 Wed 25th Oct 2017 | Body & Soul
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Yesterday’s thread got me thinking and actually kept me awake for most of last night, fuelling thoughts and feelings that I thought were behind me.
So I thought I would give you an insight into my life for those that think it’s easy to lose weight – I mean sure you just control what you put in your mouth don’t you?
On January 31st 2017 I weighed 31 stone I now weigh under 20 stone!
It gets to the point where you weigh so much that there is no point in dieting as anything you can lose is just a drop in the ocean and that is the point I got too.
It took all my effort to get out of bed in the morning shower and drive to work. But I did work full time and tried to have a social life but it got to the point where I hated going out in public. If I dared step outside of the office the stares that I got and comments made to my face was horrendous. Now some may think that it should have been the boot I needed to diet – but it didn’t because I would reach for another cake and tell myself that I can eat what I want its others that have the problem – how is me being fat affecting them – what business of theirs that I am fat. You know it was nothing to do with them and they are just mean small people that should have been raised with better manners.
Then it gets to the point that you can’t stop eating, you need the joy that food gives you because you have so little joy in your life. You pretend to be happy and jolly and the life and soul so that people cannot see what you really feel inside how vulnerable you really are.
Now I have been called many names over the years most are not printable, yes I come across as blunt and harsh but you need to think about what you are saying to a person. There has been some horrid things written about me and I am sure that following this there will be some more.
But you know what? Bring it on I can change and am changing, the people that think its ok to ‘diss’ a fat person for eating a lot in a restaurant will always be narrow minded and bitter people.
So I am asking you not to judge a fat person you don’t know the whole reason for them being as they are. Just be grateful that you are not one of them!


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you still have quite an ordeal ahead of you.. sincerely hope it all goes well, quite sure you will achieve your goal given what you have done to date...
well done, Islay. I hoe you get yourself to a weight you're comfortable with, whatever it may be.
I thought I had answered this...

You know what I think anyway. I'm really pleased and proud of you x
Well done Islay, you should be very proud of yourself.
You have had such positive feedback from AB , great to see. :-)
Well done, Islay, for so much you put in your above post, and any people who do/did ridicule you, should maybe take a good look at themselves first, and perhaps feel a little ashamed for doing so.
I like you alot, and your posts I have read at least.
I cannot possibly imagine what negatives you have had to deal with, in your life, but please know that there are people here, and in your everyday life that can see past your look you seem to be so conscious of, ... and, really, it doesn't matter a jot..
It's feeling good in yourself is what counts. Always take care, my lovely :-) x
It has been a real treat to read a very personal thread that hasn't attracted any negativity.

I think what you've accomplished is absolutely wonderful, although quite why rude badly brought up people feel they can comment to you is beyond me, but you've done fabulously and I am so proud on your behalf. xxx
No problem Islay, I make a lot of mistakes & get me the responses I receive, I also know I'm an rs at times but I'm know for been not been tactful, It's a case of Saying it before thinking about it, I hope you the very best with your courageous battle & can see you are wining, you will look back at this reply in week or so to yourself, this rs does have compassion, behind my mask there is thought, I hope your future is good xx
You done good girl.

Thanks for the response Islay. I agree entirely. Its always inspirational when someone achieves something exceptional and I wish you the very best in your future health and happiness.

For some people, losing weight can be a tremendous battle and like a recovering alcoholic, can be a daily a daily challenge and a real struggle. I love the fact you identify the real issue begins in the mind and a few moments at the beginning of the day to consider how far you have come and what you have achieved so far will no doubt inspire you to keep going.

Its easy to just head straight into the day without taking a few moments to get our mins into the right gear first, even though it's that which is going to run the show for the rest of the day. Best wishes for your future life.
I understand Islay I too have had and still have an unhealthy relationship with food since childhood and have had to endure snide looks and comments. This has mad me react with sarcasm and gave people the impression that I didn't care and didn't mind the way I looked. Just an act but I was determined not to let people know how I really felt The relationship never leaves but I believe I have it under control and hopefully this will continue. 21st and my heaviest and 5'4" I have managed to lose 6 stone with Slimming World and now weigh 13st - still over weight for my height but a weight that I feel comfortable and happy with I'm now able to walk without a stick and swim and buy clothes from any shop. I have struggled all my adult life and yoyo dieted and I hope hope hope that I have found weight that I can maintain. I was put on slimming tablets at primary school in the mid 50s If you ante seconds at school dinner you put your hands on your head and the dinner lady was told to ignore me I have tried everything including acupuncture hypnosis and every diet under the sun. It is mind over matter and I feel that I have finally got to the stage where I can believe that I can do this but it has taken me almost 60 years to reach that stage. Good luck to you Islay you have come such a long way and should feel rightly proud of yourself
I think there are some really lovely posts on this thread, it's really brought out the best in everyone, and well done granny to you as well x
Lovely post Islay, best wishes to you and to you too granny grump. You've both done marvellously well.
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Thank you everyone for taking time to read this - I wish I could give you all best answers but I can't so forgive me for not giving anyone a best answer x
Anneasquith should get BA. No contest :-)
You've yet to get my input - but it will be good!
no she shouldn't, i should

Well done Islay.
Islay, this a fantastic post. Firstly let me congratulate you on your achievement, honesty and caring thought for others. The support you have from a loving hubby, medical staff, friends and others will help you enormously. Your dynamic enthusiasm for this action you have taken is remarkable and I can only applaud what you have gone through.

I would mention that some people are overweight because of medical conditions and medication. It is important that people are aware that this might be the case for some so they are not viewed as weak-willed.

It is heart-warming to see so many supportive replies, long may that be sustained. Serious question -have you considered giving proper talks to others who might need some motivation?

May your life be a (much) longer and happily fulfilled one, you certainly deserve it.
Islay, what everyone else is saying I agree, I wish the the best in your new life, just seen you've been to the theatre last night, how wonderful, I'm so proud of you Mrs - you are a fab lady! wishing you good health and happiness, if anyone was an inspiration, it's you, you're magic!!
Rushing at the moment but you know how I feel and whatever the above poster choux says, I agree with that too
You deserve and always did - all that is good xx Nan xx

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Life As A Morbidly Obese Person

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