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DarceyK123 | 10:04 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Body & Soul
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Docs told me I have diabetes type 2. But not been very helpful on what I do now.

He's prescribed Metformin 500mg X 3 per day, is that bad? He told me there is a talk in about 3 weeks time on lifestyle and food so go to that for more info.

But I'd rather get going now, I've googled a bit but very confused.

Is there anyone of you who actually live with this condition who could give me a few tips in the meantime on lifestyle, foods I'm allowed, those that are a complete no, no.

Thanks for any help.


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good clear info here.
Yes......don't go over the top on dieting.
That Metformin regime is mostly standard practice.
Cut down on the size of foods, particularly bread,and fruit juices.
Exercise...swimming or walking.
Test you blood sugar daily at first until you learn to recognise how your blood sugar is doing. Then you can test it weekly.
I will leave the links to dieting for diabetics to my fellow ABers.
Any questions......just ask.
FIL had type 2,

cut out all sugars, and you'd be shocked at how many products contain sugar, e.g. tom sauce, brown sauce, baked beans and so on.

It is still possible to have a tasty food menu tho :-)

Am just sorry your GP wan't more helpful
Don't cut out all sugars.......cut DOWN on sugars as a part of your diet.

don't panic there's lots of us with it....i'm on 4 metformin a day plus others.
foods with high sugars in are no good for starters i'm not saying don't eat things with sugar in just cut the portions down ..a big help is plenty of exercise if you are able to do it 20-30 mins walk twice a day will help.
you will soon learn what not to eat as it does your blood sugars no good .
don't stress over being diabetic..stress doesn't help either.
ooops, sorry Sqad, the amount of added sugars sleekily slipped into foods is ridiculous.
Good post by Bernie.
I found that after a while cutting out Metformin improved my quality of life no end.
I take Gliclazide twice daily and a weekly injection of Bydureon.
Yesterday's reading on wakening was 3.5 on my finger-prick meter.
Watching how much you eat, not so much what you eat and moving about a lot more make an incredible difference.
thx sqad ...its not the end of the world being diabetic just have to change and manage your life style...its not easy to start with i'll hold my hands up!
but after a few months of testing your blood daily you will know what to eat and stuff you really shouldn't have loads of...i have one downfall i like a drink but i have cut right down on that side of things...exercise does help!
I think it's Baldric who has avoided being type 2 through diet and exercise.

Please listen to the Cuddlyone, he's been there, done that and is still going through it.

(He's an utter lovely man)
stop it your'e making me blush xx
I was diagnosed with type 2 back in 2009 and was prescribed 4 Metformin per day. At the time i weighed 18 and 1/2 stone, so decided to tackle the problem head on. I cut out white bread, white rice, biscuits, cakes, etc and replaced them with wholemeal bread, wholemeal rice, Ryvita or similar for snacks. I also upped my fruit and veg intake while cutting down on the size of portions of meat on my plate.
I also began to walk everywhere (weather permitting), instead of using public transport, and also did an hours exercise per day at home whenever i could summon up the enthusiasm. (I suffer from depression and didn't always feel 'in the mood' for exercising).
As a result i lost over 6 stone in about 3 years and the Metformin came down from 4 to 3, then 2, 1 and now i don't take any at all.
Unfortunately, for a period of time, the depression got the better of me and i led a very sedentary lifestyle leading to weight gain and i have just begun to do the walking and the exercising again. I actually had a blood test a couple of weeks back and saw the nurse this week where i was informed that my blood-sugar level has crept up slightly but still no need for the reintroduction of the Metformin.
Once your stomach is educated into taking less sugar in, managing Diabetes Type 2 is, imho, quite easy. Best of luck.
and get your eyes checked regularly diabetes can affect them...important to keep cirulation going with excercise..foot care is important too... avoid fruits like strawbs/grapes/plums etc all high in sugar..but carbohydrates are your enemy too as they convert in your body..lots of diet sheets and advice on the internet, you will be assigned a diabetes nurse to whom you will report a few times initially then will be given a metre to test blood daily/ even twice daily until you get in the swing of is all trial and balance at first.. ask your nurse any questions you may have... it is easily managed with a wee bit of practise
Question Author
Thanks for all your help and advice.

My problem is, I've not been told to test the levels, just take the Metformin and go back in 3 months so I won't know till then if I'm doing well or not.
meter ! predictive doodah ^^
ask for one..they are free !
i'd go back and tell the doctor or nurse your concern...worrying causes stress that wont help
I don't know if this is 'Universal' practice, but my surgery automatically referred me to the clinic podiatrist, optician and dietician. Though i have only seen both the podiatrist and dietician the once, i have a yearly visit to the optician to have the back of my eyes photographed.
same as me ken although i dont see the dietician

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