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DarceyK123 | 10:04 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Body & Soul
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Docs told me I have diabetes type 2. But not been very helpful on what I do now.

He's prescribed Metformin 500mg X 3 per day, is that bad? He told me there is a talk in about 3 weeks time on lifestyle and food so go to that for more info.

But I'd rather get going now, I've googled a bit but very confused.

Is there anyone of you who actually live with this condition who could give me a few tips in the meantime on lifestyle, foods I'm allowed, those that are a complete no, no.

Thanks for any help.


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stress can release insulin from the pancreas which you don't want

That's what diabetics lack...INSULIN or at least INSULIN that works, so if stress produces Insulin..........isn't that good news?
affects sugars I meant to say soz
blood glucose
Not all health authorities give meters and testing strips on prescription - especially for Type 2s. It is worth asking for - you need to know what foods make your blood spike upwards by testing before eating and two hours after.
I am diabetic and the foods that I have to limit are potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, pastry, bananas, tomato sauce, baked beans, anything in breadcrumbs or batter, many breakfast cereals, fruit juice.
This is in addition to the obvious foodstuffs - chocolate, cake, biscuits, sweets, puddings, custard, pop.
I cannot eat sugar free mints, I assume it is the high carbs that cause me to spike.

Many type 2 diabetics follow a low carb, high fat diet. The fat keeps you feeling full and stops you snacking but as my cholesterol is high I can't follow that regime so I go for reduced carb, no added sugars.

First step - ask for a meter and testing strips and keep a food diary.
have not had brekkie yet.. low sugars affecting the brain !!
murry...don't worry,
I am in a bad mood today as i have inadvertently cancelled Mrs sqads credit cards and she is in the UK shopping.
She is not pleased i can tell you.
EEK .. you best check into your club for a few days ! lol
New here and I have just figured out how to answer, so hope this arrives in the right box.
I was diagnosed with Type 2 last December. I had a retinopathy test which was all good. Cholesterol 4.9, weight needed to be lost. My reading was 52 which was in the diabetic zone. I am not on any medication, as I asked if I could try and work on diet alone. I have have been working hard to reduce weight through diet (have lost 8 kilos) The 3-monthly blood test showed my Hb1ac had reduced to 42 . The diabetic nurse tested the feet and that was fine too. I notice that medication has been prescribed for the ones here. I was told I did not need to do the finger-prick glucose test at all, which is a bit confusing. I have visited several websites and am a little in the dark. My next Hb1ac test is in 3 weeks.
Correction * Hba1c
In infuriates me that so many diabetics are being refused test meters and test strips - how else can you manage your diabetes by diet if you don't know what foods you badly react to? Every diabetic reacts to different food and drinks differently.

I find this site very useful
Thanks for your reply. I will have a look at the site. My diabetic nurse said that glucose testing was not required to be done by me, as I was not on medication and would not experience hypos (through low blood sugars) . Are the strips the ones that are dipped in urine sample ?
freyabee, welcome to Answerbank xx

Wonderful range of people on here with wonderful advice and assistance.
Thanks for the welcome albaqwerty. I have now googled and found out how to use the strips.
That's the standard excuse for not prescribing meters and strips. The real reason is cost cutting
I never asked for a 'free' glucose tester and I was about to go and buy one but was told it was 'not necessary' in my case. I will consult with the diabetic nurse when get the result of my next blood test . Meanwhile I will continue with the new diet which is helping with the weight loss at least :) Thanks again
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Thanks again for all your replies. It is so confusing, rang Docs, told I don't need a reader. But how do I know what's best for me?

Really disappointed at Docs attitude, I'm more worried than them.
Darcey...oh! dear, the medical profession publishing studies about whether or not the finger tip testing is necessary daily or Dr Wong from University of Penang says that a low carb high fat diet may well be the answer.........di" da di! da! did da. All the ABers will give you their take in the diabetic diet, manu diametrically opposed and so on and so on. Take it all with a pinch of salt......just have smaller and less frequent of what you normally eat.
Now about finger testing. Yes, I agree once you are stabilised and know what Type 2 diabetes is all about then once a week or even less is all that is necessary as the HBa1c is all that is necessary every 6 months or so. BUT from daily testing of blood sugar from finger tip will teach you a lot about you feel when it is up, how you will feel when it is down (blood sugar that is) and the effects of exercise and certain foods etc.......that is if you are interested.
Type 2 diabetes is not a general rules for all is a very personal disease......let it get to know you and vice versa.

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