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Eleena | 18:12 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | Body & Soul
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Hi Sqad,
I had a blood test last week , I requested a thyroid function test & one for anaemia, I've been feeling very tired,,but mostly my joints ache much more than usual. I phoned for my results, came back that he wants to discuss my ferritin level, though anaemia & thyroid is ruled out. I'm curious, any ideas? I have to wait till my appointment is due. I know it can't be anything to worry about, or I would be seen earlier, thanks. Just to be clear, I take thyroxine and have osteoarthritis.


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Low ferritin may indicate iron deficiency rather than anaemia.
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Mamya, I thought they were one and the same thing?
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Thank you x
Sqad is around so he'll explain better than my lay person's attempt, there are differences.
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Though I only have the fatigue and joint pain.
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Thanks mamya x
You don't say whether your ferritin level is high or high or low....perhaps you don't know as yet, but in any case it is unlikely to be of significance as you are not anaemic.i.e your haemoglobin is normal
It is likely to be low and your GP will look into any bleeding problems that you may have. If it is high, then that is a different kettle of fish...and thankfully very unusual and unlikely. anaemia, thyroid tests normal.......FAB.
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No I don't know Sqad. I've had hand cramps and from what I can tell by googling, trigger finger, not sure if there's a connection there with terrifying level. Thank you for your reply, I will have to wait and see.
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Ferritin level not terrifying lol!
Now - Terrifying level would have even me worried :-)

Hope you soon get answers Eleena.
Let us know the results........I cannot see the connection between trigger finger and ferritin levels.
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Ha ha mamya, thanks! Thanks again Sqad!
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Update as asked, yes low iron. Ferrous Sulphate for three week. I really need to sort my diet out and include some of the green stuff with my veg when I've finished these! Low iron and minding a 3 year old doesn't work! Thank you Sqad & mamya.
and I thought you were going out hunting rabbits ! lol
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Ha Murray! :0)

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Sqad .. Ferritin

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