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theshedman | 08:41 Mon 31st Jul 2017 | Body & Soul
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You typoed a p for the intended r
LOL ^^^
hmmm..ibuprofen and moniter !
Continuous positive air pressure ?
cats pee and poop !
Very useful for sleep apnoea and also as a weaning setting from a ventilator. Can be delivered either invasively or non-invasively...
What's the question?
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Hi, sorry about that I didn't know I had put on a question. I had just been looking to see if anyone else had asked a question about using cpap machine and if so how had they got on with it as I have just been given one to try. They say I have severe sleep apnea.
In it's new format it is all to easy to mistake the new thread box at the top for a search box. I've got part way there a few times.

Especially true in portrait tablet format when the search box at the top simply isn't there any more.
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Thanks for that OG. I will have to be more careful in the future. This new format is taking a long time to get used to.
I have used a cpap machine for a few years. Takes a bit of getting used to but after a while it just becomes common practice and does make you sleep better.

Bit of a nuisance when you go on holiday as lots of hotels don't have a power point beside the bed so you have to take an extension lead with you just in case. I have been caught out like that once!

Do you drive? If so then you must use it. Sleep apnoea is a notifiable condition to DVLA and if you are not getting treatment for it, i.e. using a cpap machine then you will get your licence revoked. Your consultant should have told you this as he will notify DVLA if you don't.

Hope that helps.
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Hi, WesterRoss. I was put on the Cpap with face mask about a month ago but it was a problem. I had surgery a few years ago to put in a new tear duct and when I used the face mask the air was going into my eyelid when I breathed in and my eyes were closed. This was something the Cpap people had not come across before. They have now given me a mask that fits only in my mouth like a snorkle but I am finding this very hard to use. They say that no one in the department has ever given out this type of mask before so getting advice isn't easy. Been looking on line but not easy to get good information especially from this country. Hope to get it sorted soon as OH finds my snoring and the stopping breathing very hare to deal with . Let you know how I get on . Thanks for the info.

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