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FlyofTheEarth | 10:23 Sat 17th Jun 2017 | Body & Soul
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Hello everyone, today I received a letter from the PIP saying that I scored zero points on everything and that I will no longer be getting DLA. It was also followed by his/her reasons for not awarding me PIP. Their report on me was a pack of vile lies.

Before I write down lines from their report as well as my rebuttals, I will tell you that I have been suffering from anxiety, depression, moderate learning difficulties like ADHD as well as a sleep disorder for many years to the point that I can not go out without my carer or anyone that I fully trust thanks to my overwhelming paranoia, anxiety to the point that I feel physically sick as If someone is suffocating me. I will not go in full detail with my everyday life as that is for another post or even comment.

Here are his/her reasons:

-According to the assessor, I supposedly reported that I can travel independently to places that I have been and that I am able to use public transport on my own

My rebuttal: That is *** because I never reported such a thing. I told them that I need someone with me such as my carer or someone that I trust during my journeys and that the reason I hate going out is because I feel as If people are looking at me and talking behind my back. I also have panic attacks as I previously mentioned.

His/her report: I was able to participate through the assessment without being prompted by my carer and that I did not lean on my carer for support and reassurance.

My rebuttal: Every time my carer tried to talk to them or prompt me, they told my carer to 'shhhh' also I always looked at my carer for help and support but the assessor said that I only looked at him a few times.

His/her report: I currently manage on low dose first line antidepressant/anxiety.

My rebuttal: I rarely take my meds for the following two reasons: I need prompting to take my sleeping pills at the Right times or otherwise I end up taking them at about 12 or 1 in the morning. I don't like taking my 20mg antidepressants because either they don't work or they make me feel worse so obviously I am not coping well. Also, I am in a worse state, I will end up taking another pill.

His/her report: As evidenced by your medical letter, you don't have any learning difficulties.

My rebuttal: Oh really? So moderate learning difficulties and ADHD are not learning difficulties? Even the letter mentioned my diagnosis. However, despite saying that I don't have learning difficulties, she did mention the letter saying that I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

His/her report: I looked well nourished and clean.

My rebuttal: I clearly told them that the night before my assessment, my carer prompted me as he/she always does to have a shower because I don't like having showers when I am in a depressed state which causes me to lack motivation, I prefer to hide away in my room when I am in a dark place.

His/her report: They have decided that I can organise and follow the route of a journey unaided.

My rebuttal: Oh is that why the last that I attempted a journey (I was with a 'friend' but he left me stranded) I got lost and in a state of panic I had to phone someone to collect me. I can't plan my own journeys because I can't remember that much information about such a plan.

His/her report: I supposedly coped well with adequate rapport and eye contact.

My rebuttal: All through the visit I felt uncomfortable to the point that I wanted it over and done with. (My carer later told me that he/she also didn't like the assessor). Also my eyes were either on the ground or at my carer. I only looked at the carer a few times to answer a question.

Me and my carer both had a bad feeling about the assessor and during the times that I talked about my mental health she seemed downplay it such as the time as I tried telling them about my paranoia, she just said 'well everyone gets paranoid don't they'.

(To be continued)


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She did ask if I ever attempted to kill my self and I said no. However, I failed to mention that I self harm when I am in a stressful dark place to try and get rid of the pathetic feeling and pain but the reason I never mentioned it is because no one including my carer knows and the reason is because I am deeply ashamed.

They also mentioned in the report that my concentration, intelligence and memory is adequate just because I passed a few tests such as the serial seven and three stage command. During those tests, I struggled with mathematic subtractions but the tests such as folding a paper in half, spelling Earth (or whatever the word was) backwards, remember three items on a table such as a pencil, crayon (and I think a ruler or staple) were tasks that a 7 year old could do.

They also mentioned the Stranger Danger scenario as If I am mentally challenged (sorry to those If I was politically incorrect) I mean what the hell has that got to do with my issues such as Depression and anxiety? I also can't cook unaided because I don't know how long to heat food or when that dish is ready also the last time that I attempted to cook meal, I ended up very sick but according to the report, I can cook unaided.

The fact that I have my own bank account went against me despite the fact that it was my school and my carer who helped create it and apparently I use my card unaided despite telling them that my carer uses it for me.

This letter has caused me a great deal of stress especially when I have a letter from NHS saying that I need to pay £100 for medication and a invalid claim that I never even made. According to my carer who collects my meds because I am asleep thanks to my tabs, the woman behind the counter was the one who ticked the paper and never even showed my carer the paper. I feel trapped.

Is there a question you wanted answering ?
Question Author
Yes I need help with my situation and also with the report at hand.
Hi Fly - I haven't read all of your post but don't despair at this point.

Rather than appeal the decision - forget about it and just make a fresh application. Good luck
Make an appointment at CAB for help with your appeal.
I have no experience in this area so will leave it to those that do. But I think your post looks erudite so I'm not surprised they concluded that your concentration, intelligence and memory was "adequate". The only other thing I'd add, which should be obvious anyway, is not to rebut using the *** no matter how tempted.
Question Author
Yeah we are planning to visit a CAB office because I don't know much about appeals. I am frankly disgusted with the amount of lies that the assessor has said in her letter.

I also remember feeling uncomfortable during the assessment because she/he gave me those 'mental health is just a faze' vibes.
Question Author
So should I make a new claim instead of appealing and why?
Go down the appeal route as soon as you can.
Mamy says go down the appeal route but I still say fresh claim.

However, it is your decision.
You need to appeal because they will throw a new claim out.

However given what you have written here - you do not come across as someone with learning difficulties or with attention issues.
you need to claim ESA...perhaps you do already ?
A good friend and ex LFB colleague has one leg 3" shorter than the other, due to MRSA following surgery some years ago. This, as you can imagine, has impacted greatly on his mobility. He now has a car that is adapted for hand controls andhas to walk with the aid of 2 walking sticks. He was recently told he was no longer disabled following a similar case as yours. He appealed with the help of his consultant and a chiropractor and won his case. Don't give up hope - all the best for your future challenges.

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