Buscopan. Good Results!

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Patsy33 | 18:53 Sat 03rd Jun 2017 | Body & Soul
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After suffering with symptoms of ibs for a couple of weeks, I was recommended to try Buscopan. After the first day there was a definite improvement. This is third day now and discomfort has gone. Would definitely advise others suffering from this to give them a go..


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Doesn't do anything for me I'm afraid. My doctor prescribed mebeverine hydrochloride which helps a bit but even then I have really bad days.
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Sorry to hear that Smow. Do you get cramps? I didn't, but bloating and terrible aching. Years ago doctor tried me on a articular drug for this but a this moment can't recall what it was called, but it worked
If I remember will get back to you..
Yes horrific cramps.
Should try Alflorex, clinically proven to relive symptoms of IBS
I swear by Buscopan. Have been taking it on and off for over 45 years. Instantly relieves stomach cramps caused by a bowel blockage.

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Buscopan. Good Results!

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