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sandmaster | 11:41 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | Body & Soul
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I have suffered from psoriasis for 50plus years. Lately the itching has become unbearable and I have tried all makes of skin creams without relief. However I found a tube of Derma Nova Emollient Active Skin Cream at the back of a drawer. I bought it years ago but did not use it because the smell is not pleasant. However - immediate relief from itching and it has not returned since I started using this cream a week ago. I have tried to buy more but it seems to be no loger available. I alsofound an old magazine article warning against using Derma Nova but the details are not available. Do any members remember why this is? I am desperate to buy more


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No, that is an anti ageing cream. Derma Nova products are still sold at some outlets but I cannot find the emollient active skin cream. Thanks for the answer though.
I have a vague recollection of using Derma Nova but cannot recall if it worked for me. I do know that there has been much adjustment to prescription treatments in recent years.

I have found Aquamax quite helpful, about £7 for a big tub.
If you have not already done so then you should ask at a pharmacy where they can immediately find out whether it is still available and if they do not have it in stock they should be able to get some for you. If you take your tube with you as an aid in the conversation.

Are you aware that the Blue Lagoon in Iceland started as a pool of wastewater from a geothermal power plant but, as people used it for swimming, by pure chance there was among them a psoriasis sufferer who found significant relief by going there. Skin products are now marketed by the people who developed and operate the place - I think they may be available through the internet.
I know this about skin cream but have you tried using a sunbed? Sunbeds/sun was the only thing that helped mine.
I had. Head to foot psoriasis years ago. I had it cured by chemo injections in my stomach. Mind I lost all my hair and all my nails.
This might sound a bit of an odd way to answer, but I watch Tattoo Fixers, and a woman was on to say that she wanted a tattoo to celebrate her new skin after suffering from psoriasis all her life. She had taken a medication which got rid of it within a couple of days. Sorry, I can't remember the name of it, if she said it, but might be worth asking your GP.

Sorry I can't help with your cream-specific question.
my daughter suffered from this condition ,have you asked your doc, for these new tablets
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Thanks everyone. This Derma Nova product seems to be unavailable. I have been unable to find out why. It is still advertised on some sites but when I place an order an advice appears stating it is unavailable. Perhaps it contains a steroid or other substance which is controlled. But thanks to all who answered my question.

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