Why Have I Developed Ridges In My Fingernail's ?

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tamaris | 20:54 Thu 20th Apr 2017 | Body & Soul
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Very odd


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Jno up and down thank you for the info x
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OMG Chris those piccies are gruesome. My nails are only apparent to me
I get them too. Just buy a buffer and shiner stick from Superdrug or Boots. Your nails will end up smooth and shiny.
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Oh thank you Chrissa x
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I got one in Wilko for the princely sum of 95p and it has done a great job.
Have you been ill recently? This can affect the nails or you may be in need of some multi vitamins.
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No not been I'll
Nothing to be concerned about. I used to be an Avon lady and they had some stuff for people to use to fill in the ridges. I sold tons of the stuff so It must be very common problem. My nails have ridges in them too.!
Amazon has a varnish like an undercoat smooths out the nails .

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Why Have I Developed Ridges In My Fingernail's ?

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